If you have ever dreamed of living on a houseboat along the canals of Amsterdam, then keep on reading!

Our guest bloggers Wagoners Abroad had that dream and it came true. They are going to share their experience, of staying on a GowithOh houseboat, with you. They’ve captured some great moments of their time in Amsterdam and have even created a video to help you get that feeling of canal living!

Let’s see what they have to say…

Wagoners Abroad - Amsterdam Rijksmuseum

We are Wagoners Abroad, an American family of 4 that sold it all and moved to Spain in August 2012.  After nearly 2 years of exploring 11 countries, with Spain as our home base, we have gone nomadic.

To kick off our first week of nomadic adventures, we selected a GowithOh houseboat along one of the many canals in Amsterdam.  It is very typical of us to select an apartment over a hotel, but canal living was a dream that just had to be fulfilled.

The Houseboat Experience

Canal Living in Amsterdam with GowithOh

We were all a bit nervous about staying on a houseboat, as we weren’t sure if there would be enough space or if the movement of the water and house would bother us.

As soon as we stepped in we knew we were going to love it.  We were amazed at how much space we had and with such a modern interior as well.

We had 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, dining room, family room and kitchen. You need to watch the video at the end of this article to watch us try to figure out the state of the art oven.

Amsterdam Houseboat GowithOh

It turns out, it was really just a floating apartment.

Amsterdam Houseboat Collage

The added bonus was our floating deck on the canal and watching the boats pass by.

Amsterdam Houseboat GowithOh Floating Deck

There were so many large picture windows, it felt like we were living right outdoors. If we had been in a standard apartment, we wouldn’t have had that much natural light and may have had loads of stairs to climb.

Being right on the water kept us cool in the summer evenings and it was also very calming and peaceful.  We were amazed at how quiet it was, as the street buzzed above us.

Amsterdam Houseboat GowithOh View

Overall our houseboat experience was absolutely perfect.  We were right in the heart of Amsterdam, near all of the popular neighborhoods.  Public transportation, markets and restaurants were all within a block from our doorstep.

Ah it felt good to have a dream fulfilled in a city we love to explore.  What a great way to kick off our nomadic adventures in Europe. We will soon be heading off to Southeast Asia for a year, so it was nice to have our canal living experience.

Enjoy the video!

Heidi and Alan Wagoner are passionate about travel (40+ countries) and both authors of the popular travel blog Wagoners Abroad. In Aug 2012, they left the “perfect American life”. They quit their jobs, sold their belongings and moved to Southern Spain, with their 2 kids (Lars and Anya). After nearly 2 years in Spain, they have become nomadic and will explore Southeast Asia for a year. They are a true source of inspiration and proof you can make your dreams come true.
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