Now that the Project Happiness has ended and we know who are the 3 lucky winners, it’s time to share what is the key to happiness to some of our GowithOh colleagues.

For Cristina, her key to happiness is a good road trip with her own VW Van and an unknown destiny!

For Benedetta, her key to happiness is the sunshine. She’s really in love with the sun and has a devotion for sunbeams as you can see on the photo :-)

For Iván, his key to happiness is not losing his inner child! The author of the popular quote is Federico Fellini.

For Carlos, his key to happiness is going to the beach after a hard day working! Work hard & play harder :-)

For Anna, her key to happiness is exploring new places – everywhere, everytime!

For Mario, his key to happiness is Rock & Roll! One of his favourite bands is The Cure.

For Rory, his key to happiness is going to Summer Music Festivals. The next one on his list is Glastonbury Festival!

For Sandra, her key to happiness is seeing the world through the eyes of a tourist! Or a puppy dog!

For Michela, her key to happiness is living in Barna for 6 months! She’s really in love with Barcelona :)

For Jörg, his key to happiness is working hard and playing even harder!

For Maria, her key to happiness is hanging out with friends and family - two of the most important ingredients in life!

For Anaïs, her key to happiness is shopping! Almost every girl in the world would agree, right?!

For Guido, his key to happiness is snowboarding! In Andorra, in the Dolomites… everywhere!

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