During the last few years, Budapest has been escalating positions among the list of the most visited and well-liked capitals in Europe… And we’re not at all surprised. Budapest is one of the most interesting capitals in Eastern Europe, as it has a fascinating history and many incredibly beautiful monuments to visit.


The city of Budapest is divided in two by the Danube river, Buda, and Pest, that were independent cities until 1873. Pest is the largest and most populated part of current Budapest, while Buda is the historic and imperial capital of Hungary. In the following lines, we’ll give you some recommendations of what to see in Budapest, so don’t stop reading if you’re planning a trip to this wonderful city!

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What to see in Budapest: A city full of history beautiful monuments

There is much more to see in Budapest than you may think. The first thing we recommend is going on a walking tour in the city centre (as in many other European cities, the free tour companies offer a very complete and fun one) so you get to know it a little bit before exploring it on your own. But we do have many recommendations if you want to plan your trip before going there. This is what to see in Budapest:

  • Visit the impressive Parliament Building: This impressive Neo-Gothic building is as impressive inside as it is inside. If you have a European passport you can have a 45-minute long guided visit for free, but if you don’t, the price is affordable and the visit is worth it. Don’t forget to book in advance.
  • Visit the Shoes on the Danube Bank: Next to the Parliament building you will find this unique and poignant monument, an homage to the Jewish murdered during World War II.
  • Walk across the Chain Bridge: The impressive Chain Bridge is mandatory if you need to cross from Buda to Pest or the other way around. Especially beautiful at night.
  • Go to the beautiful Central Market Hall (Nagycsarnok): It’s become a tourist favourite and that becomes obvious the moment you go in, but this lively and beautiful market is still a mandatory place in our list of what to see in Budapest. It’s also a good place to buy souvenirs after walking down Váci Utca, the main commercial street in the city.
  • Visit the Buda Castle: The Royal Palace is yet another mandatory visit in the capital of Hungary. It was built in the 14th century and almost destroyed during WW2. It was later rebuilt as we can see it today. The neighbourhood surrounding the castle is one of the most charming parts of the city.
  • Climb to the impressive Fisherman’s Bastion: And last but not least, one of the most beautiful monuments of the city of Budapest, a monumental terrace called the Fisherman’s Bastion that works as a viewpoint from which you get a great panoramic view of the Parliament Building.



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What to see in Budapest: An excursion to the past

As you can see, we have listed many monuments in our list of what to see in Budapest, and you may think you’ve had enough history, but, if that’s the case, we have to disagree. There is some other place worth visiting near Budapest, and that is the Memento Park. When the Soviet Union and the communist regime came to an end, most of the statues that stood in Budapest where destroyed. However, some of them where kept and moved to this particular place, where they can be visited nowadays. It sure makes an interesting excursion, not only because you’ll be able to appreciate the characteristic aesthetic of the communist statues, but also because the ride there (you need to take a bus outside of the city, either a direct one or the 150 or 101) will show you the contrast between the imperial Budapest of the city centre and the communist look of the outskirts. Going to the Memento Park is a good way to understand Budapest.

What to see in Budapest: A place to enjoy earthly pleasures

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Budapest is a very beautiful city, but a very enjoyable one. Do not forget to enjoy the pleasures it offers:

  • Enjoy the food – you won’t regret it: Hungarian food is amazing. They don’t have the lightest cuisine for sure, and vegetarians may have some trouble finding options, but it is so delicious. There are many award-winning restaurants in Budapest, so foodies, start looking!
  • Visit the bathhouses: Budapest is famous for the incredible bathhouses you can find there. There are many, but the we recommend two: the Széchenyi is one of the biggest in Europe, and its exterior pools will leave you open-mouthed. They’re especially beautiful if you travel to Budapest in the winter, because the steam that floats from the pool makes an impressive sight. The Gellert bathhouse is equally impressive, full of columns and mosaics. Any bathhouse in Budapest will be a wonderful experience for you!



What did you think of our list of what to see in Budapest? Which one of all these monuments will you visit first? We’d love to hear all about your trip in the comments!

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