Do you know what to see in Hong Kong? Have you ever been there? This exciting city has a particular history and a particular status that make it stand out among the rest of Chinese cities. Hong Kong belonged to the United Kingdom until 1997, just until 20 years ago, and that has deeply changed the face of the city. Even though Hong Kong belongs now to china, there are some differences to the mainland that visitors need to consider. For instance, Hong Kong has its very own currency and you don’t need a Chinese visa to enter the country – which is quite a perk.


Hong Kong is also very unique geographically speaking, as, besides being a massive city, it is divided in three parts, Kowloon, New Territories and Hong Kong Island. Kowloon and New Territories are located in a peninsula attached to the country – Kowloon is by the water and constitutes the old town of the city, whereas New Territories are around it and are exactly what its name says. In Hong Kong Island you will find the impressive skyline people typically identify with Hong Kong, since it is where most skyscrapers are located.


Yes, Hong Kong is as exciting as it sounds. If you’re planning a visit there we’d like to give you a hand with our favourites. This is what to see in Hong Kong!

What to see in Hong Kong - Gowithoh

What to see in Hong Kong: A vibrant city

Are you ready to start planning your trip to Hong Kong? Prepare to get to know a fascinating mixture of cultures in the streets of the city and to learn a lot about Chinese culture. This is what to see in Hong Kong:

  • Visit the temples: As you can imagine, there are many beautiful and interesting temples to visit in Hong Kong. We recommend the Man Mo Temple and the Wong Tai Sin Temple, two of the most beautiful ones, each one in its own way.
  • See the Symphony of Lights:  The Avenue of Stars offers an incredible spectacle every evening at 8. Hong Kong’s own Walk of Fame is located right next to the water and from there you can see the city’s famous skyline. In the Symphony of Lights, the skyscrapers, their lights and beams are the stars.
  • Cross the bay with The Star Ferry: Crossing from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island is a really nice experience
  • Go to the History Museum: As we mentioned before, the history of Hong Kong is fascinating. Visiting the History Museum is the best way to understand the city you’re visiting.
  • Lantau Island: This Island makes a perfect excursion, as you will be able to visit many temples and charming villages. A nice counterpoint to the always busy Hong Kong Island.
  • Visit the night market of Temple Street: You haven’t visited Hong Kong if you don’t spend some time in its famous night market. It doesn’t matter what bizarre item you’re looking for – you will find it.



What to see in Hong Kong - Gowithoh

What to see in Hong Kong: Enjoy the landscapes

Even though Hong Kong is usually preferred by urbanites, there are many natural landscapes so you can take a natural break from all those skyscrapers and city lights. This is what to see in Hong Kong for nature lovers:

  • Hong Kong Park: You never thought you could enjoy nature in the middle of Hong Kong Island, but you can. In this beautiful park, you will even see many species of tropical birds. Unforgettable.
  • Victoria’s Peak: Climbing to Hong Kong’s highest peak is the best way to understand the structure of the city, and a great excursion to enjoy both natural and urban landscapes. Besides, you will ride in a 120-year-old tram!
  • What about a trip to the beach?: It may not be the most obvious choice, but in the surroundings of Hong Kong you can find some pretty beautiful beaches. They are just a short bus trip away!

What to see in Hong Kong: Time for entertainment

And, of course, in Hong Kong there is also time for fun an entertainment. This is what we recommend in order to take your Hong Kong experience to the next level:

  • Lan Kwai Fong: Lan Kwai Fong is the area of Hong Kong with the most thriving nightlife – you will find locals, expats and tourists, so the fun is guaranteed.
  • Enjoy Cantonese food: In Hong Kong, your experience with food will depend on your budget… But differences in price make it just different, not better or worse. Cantonese food is absolutely amazing, both in Michelin star restaurants and in street food carts.
  • Check out if it’s a holiday: Maybe you won’t consider this when planning your trip, but if the locals are celebrating there’s a good chance you’ll catch the dance of the Lion and the Dragon somewhere.
What to see in Hong Kong - Gowithoh

What did you think of our list of what to see in Hong Kong? If you’re travelling there soon, don’t forget to tell us about your experience in the comments!

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