Did you know that Melbourne is considered to be one of the most liveable cities on earth? Well, maybe you’re not going to live there and are just planning a trip, but we strongly recommend dedicating a few days to this wonderful Australian city. Enjoy the friendly atmosphere, the food and the art, and discover why it is a favourite destination among Australian.


In case you don’t know where to start, we have prepared a comprehensive list of what to see in Melbourne. Be careful, because you may fall in love with it!

What to see in Melbourne

What to see in Melbourne: The most famous landmarks

Melbourne has, of course, landmarks of its own. These are some of them:

  • Federation Square: This is one of the most visited spots of Melbourne, and a great place to start getting to know this fascinating city. There you will be able to see many incredible buildings – which makes it a must for architecture lovers.
  • The Docklands: The waterfront is one of Melbourne’s main attractions, as there is so much going on in its entertaining port. Restaurants, cafés, parks and, of course, an art and vintage market where you will be able to find all sort of wonderful things.
  • The City Circle Tram Tour: Melbourne is yet another city where the tram is an icon itself, as it is one of the most important means of transportation in the city. In the City Circle Tram Tour, you will get a tour of the city that shows many of the historic buildings, such as the Parliament House, the Princess Theatre or the Old Treasury Building.
  • Chinatown: Did you know that Melbourne has the oldest Chinatown in Australia? Besides being beautiful and picturesque, it is, of course, a great place to get some yummy Asian food.
  • Saint Patrick’s Cathedral: You’re not likely to forget the tallest church in Australia. This beautiful building is a mandatory visit, together with Melbourne’s other top-rated cathedral, St. Paul’s, which has an astounding interior.
  • The Luna Park: This historic but still operating amusement park will make the delights of both children and adults. A favourite of locals and tourists!
  • The Queen Victoria Market: Besides being a great place to find souvenirs, this charming market is one of Melbourne’s most appreciated icons, as it’s been working since 1878. It is also a great place to eat and have fun, as during the summer you can see concerts, night markets and other events.
  • The Royal Botanic Gardens: Probably one of the most beautiful gardens in the world, this green space is the perfect place to take a walk, breathe and relax. It’s also a good place to learn about Melbourne’s aboriginal past thanks to the Aboriginal Heritage Walk, a tour that will teach you lots about Australian history.



What to see in Melbourne

What to see in Melbourne: Time for some culture

Melbourne’s art scene is known all over the world – the city is full of local art galleries and museums, and art lovers will find a never-ending source of art there. These are our favourite – albeit not he only ones, of course!

  • The National Gallery of Victoria: Undoubtedly Melbourne’s most important art gallery, and also Australia’s oldest. Besides the impressive building, you will be able to see its famous Waterwall and a vast collection of art from all around the world.
  • The Australian Centre for Contemporary Art: In this museum, one of Melbourne’s most respected art institutions, artists can dispose of its vast space for their works and installations. Get ready to enjoy exciting sound art, installations and sculptures. The building is also one of a kind.
  • Heide Museum of Art: This farmhouse turned museum hosts a wonderful and growing collection that will make the delights of all those interested in art. Besides visiting the museum, which consists in three buildings, you can also visit the beautiful garden.
  • Gertrude Contemporary: If an art museum is inside a converted warehouse, you know you’re in for something good. Its catalogue is full of respected artists, both international and Australian. Besides exhibiting art, this gallery is also renowned for its commissioned works. A must-visit for art lovers!

What to see in Melbourne: Go to the beach

If you don’t conceive travelling to Australia without nature (which you shouldn’t), you can have your dose of it in Melbourne as well. Near the city you will find all sort of beautiful, relaxing and unforgettable beaches, such as the famous and colourful Brighton beach or the striking Sorrento Beach. In Brighton Beach, you will also find manyrestaurants, cafés and small galleries, because in Melbourne local art is absolutely everywhere.

What to see in Melbourne

So, are you ready to visit Melbourne? Tell us what you thought about one of Australia’s most charming cities!

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