If you’ve visited Barcelona, you know what we’re talking about! If not… here are some of the feelings you may experience on your first trip!

Welcome to Barcelona!

1. When you discover that Las Ramblas are actually 5 separate streets and not just one.

"Las Ramblas" are actually 5 separate streets

2. When you see the Castellers (Human castles) for the first time and no one fell or was injured.

see the Castellers (Human castles) for the first time

3. When you try your first beautiful fruit smoothie at La Boquería.


4. When you discover how splendid the “Kiss of Death” statue is at the Poblenou Cemetery.

discover the "Kiss of Death" statue

5. When you find out the Barcelona metro closes at 2am on Friday night… and OHHH today is Friday and it’s 2:01am.


6. When you’re exploring the district of Raval and end up on Calle del Robador by accident & take a look around.


7. When you visit Casa Milá and imagine if you could live there.


8. When you travel to Barcelona during the Sant Joan Festival and see the fireworks that fill the streets.


9. When you imagine that there weren’t any beaches in Barcelona until 1992.


10. When you put your ticket in the Barcelona’s metro pass machine and you try to get in from the wrong side.


11. When you go to Barceloneta beach while your friends back home are covered in snow.


13. When you realize why the locals call “corredor de la muerte” (tunnel of death) when you’re walking in the Passeig de Gràcia metro tunnel in the summer.


14. When you watch an old lady feeding seagulls and pigeons and realize there are also green parrots living free in Barcelona.


15. When you realize how spectacular and amazing Antoni Gaudí’s creations are, compared to other buildings.


16. EXTRA – When you discover that you could win a 100€ voucher towards GowithOh accommodation in Barcelona.


Just leave a comment below telling us why you want to visit Barcelona, and you’re entered for a chance to win!

Update: The contest has ended. Click here to find out who won!

Contest details:

  • The contest is open for entry until February 28, 2014.
  • The prize is a €100 GowithOh voucher towards accommodation in Barcelona which can be used until February 28, 2015.
  • Entrants must be age 18 or over.
  • The Winner will be announced on March 5, 2014 on the “Giveaway Galore” page.
At GowithOh, we are an enthusiastic team of self-confessed Europhiles who are passionate about travel. We especially love the variety of city breaks possible in Europe, from the historic UNESCO heritage cities like Prague, to the more cosmopolitan beachside destinations like Barcelona. We love discovering the hidden gems in different cities and sharing them with our fans so everyone can benefit and enjoy the perfect city break in Europe.
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    • http://www.GowithOh.com/ GowithOh

      True <3!

  • Catherine Sweeney

    I want to visit Barcelona because I’m craving to experience more of its “rauxa i seny” culture. I visited the first time in 2012 for only two days, but I fell in love with the city.

    • http://www.GowithOh.com/ GowithOh

      Barcelona Enamora, ohhh yes!!

  • Jeff Dobbins

    Barcelona = euphoria!

    • http://www.GowithOh.com/ GowithOh

      We agree! :-)

  • Murissa

    Lol I love #10 – That reminds me of a few new experiences in Europe.

    • http://www.GowithOh.com/ GowithOh

      Oh yes Murissa! It’s so funny to remember those stories and be able to laugh at yourself!
      You can always learn something new :)

  • http://www.twofeet-oneworld.com/ Jessi @2feet1world

    I would love to visit Barcelona to experience the amazing vibe of the city, relax over tapas and sangria with friends, and have my mind blown by Parc Guell and Gaudi’s incredible architecture!

  • Cailin

    I’ve only ever spent one night in Barcelona back in 2009 and it just wasn’t nearly enough time to see everything! I’ve been dying to get back and visit ever since!

    • http://www.GowithOh.com/ GowithOh

      Ah Cailin! One day is not nearly enough time in Barcelona! You need to come back! Good luck! :)

  • Sherell Elliott

    I want to visit and I will in June!!! Ticket is already booked..still looking for accommodations so this would be perfecto!!! Missed seeing so much on my last visit that I can hardly wait for June to get here!!!

    • http://www.GowithOh.com/ GowithOh

      I bet you’re so excited, Sherell! There’s so much to see here it’s hard to get it all in one trip! Good luck!

  • Christian Kaiser

    I haven’t been there yet, but it would be the chance to visit another football stadium ;)

    • http://www.GowithOh.com/ GowithOh

      Oh yes! Barcelona is THE place to be if you’e a football fan Christian! The stadium is so huge, you’re sure to love it! :)

  • Kathy

    To put my 8 years of Spanish classes to good use!

    • http://www.GowithOh.com/ GowithOh

      That’s a great idea Kathy! If you don’t practice you’re sure to forget it! Good luck!

  • Andro

    I’m going to Barcelona for the first time in April 2014 just to check why my brother goes there every single year!

    • http://www.GowithOh.com/ GowithOh

      Oh good luck! And I know you’ll quickly discover why your brother loves it so much! :)

  • http://gotravelzing.com/ Jeff Broman

    I want to visit Barcelona again because it is the greatest city I have ever been too. I also have big picture of Casa Batllo hanging over my desk that reminds me every day I need to go back to Barcelona.

    • http://www.GowithOh.com/ GowithOh

      Oh! Posting reminders to yourself in the form of art is a GREAT idea! You definitely need to get back here! :)

  • Jonatan

    5. Actually at 2 o’clock is the last train that leaves from the beginning of the lines…so If you are inside the underground you should be lucky and maybe to get the train after 2 o’clock.
    Disfrutad de Barcelona! Y… Haced La siesta si váis en verano!

    • http://www.GowithOh.com/ GowithOh

      Very true Jonatan, and if you get that last train it’s SO LUCKY! And it makes for a great story after! :)

  • Lauren

    I want to visit Barcelona because I’m exceptionally jealous that my little sister spent some time there and fell in love with the city…and I want to experience the magic! (and some Spanish wine and tapas won’t hurt…)

    • http://www.GowithOh.com/ GowithOh

      Haha Lauren! Jealousy is such a great motivator sometimes! We wish you good luck and know you’ll fall in love with the city too! :)

  • Mairead

    I went to Barcelona for the first time last summer, and that was it… I knew I needed to go back! I stayed with a friend and she showed me all the cool, fun local places and eats. I loved it and was so sad when I left. This year, my boyfriend and I are planning a trip to Europe before he goes to Veterinary School and I desperately want to take him to Barcelona!! To experience the culture, the people, the sights, sounds, tastes and beauty that this city has to offer with the love of my life would be perfection!

    • http://www.GowithOh.com/ GowithOh

      THAT sounds like a wonderful plan! A second trip to Barcelona with the <3 of your life is ALWAYS a great idea & we wish you good luck! :)

  • colin mcnicol

    i want to visit Barcelona as my daughter lives there and to find out why she loves the place

    • http://www.GowithOh.com/ GowithOh

      You’re sure to find out why she loves it Colin! It’s easy to see as soon as you arrive! Good luck :)

  • TripsByLance

    It’s been nearly 22 years since I was first introduced to the idea of Barcelona when watching the 1992 U.S. Dream Team walk the streets of the city as superstars. I was in high school Spanish class during those Olympics and my teacher used it as a tool to help us learn more about Spanish culture. I’ve never been to Spain. It is a country we want to eventually visit. It would be nice to use the language I took six classes in between high school and college and naturally revert to when visiting Italy and France (it’s comical).

    • http://www.GowithOh.com/ GowithOh

      Using Spanish in Italy and France is usually super helpful, since the languages are so similar! It’s a great plan! We wish you good luck! You have to make it over to Spain to use your Spanish skills! :)

  • http://amandaelsewhere.com/ Amanda @amandaelsewhere

    I am going to Barcelona for the first time in April! I am most looking forward to taking flamenco dance lessons!

    • http://www.GowithOh.com/ GowithOh

      Wow Amanda! That sounds so exciting!!! We love flamenco too, it’s such an art! Enjoy! :)

  • Paul Farrugia

    While studying at Barcelona, Ignatius was in doubt whether, after completing his studies, he should enter some Religious Order, or go from place to place, according to his custom. He decided to enter upon the religious life.

    As a travel blogger I would have to say that was a bad move!

    • http://www.GowithOh.com/ GowithOh

      Thanks for the commment, Paul! We also think that Ignatius could have made a better move ;-)

  • Mariadp91

    I want to re-visit Barcelona becouse once is not enough…you have left in my heart! Every day i hope to return someday soon, i was enchanted! I was so enchanted by this city that every day i take a bit of melancholy…fortunately, thanks to the photos i can go back in time and relive those days! Return home was not sad…it was so much more! Barcelona i miss you! My dream is to visit you yet to discover and relive the magic of this city, who has visited knows what i mean…a piece of heart is always with them…hope to return soon…in Barcelona!!!

    • http://www.GowithOh.com/ GowithOh

      Hi Maria, it seems you’re really in love with Barcelona ;-) We hope to see you soon!

  • MARIETTA Dimova

    you realize how spectacular and amazing Antoni Gaudí’s creations are, compared to other buildings – because of these creations i want to visit Barcelona

    • http://www.GowithOh.com/ GowithOh

      Hi Marietta, that is a great reason to visit Barcelona! We love everything made by Gaudí ;-)

  • Tariq Mahmood

    I tried two times in the Spanish Embassy Islamabad for visit visa way back 2003-05 but did not got approval. Spain is one of my dream destination and Barcelona is one of the top priority to visit in nearby future….
    Like · A few seconds ago

  • DePm

    I would like to visit Barcelona and see all the great works of Gaudi! Also explore the city and try to live the high life the experience of a trip to Barcelona!

    • http://www.GowithOh.com/ GowithOh

      Hi DePm, one of the main reasons that many people visit Barcelona is to admire all the masterpieces created by Gaudí – we’re sure you’ll love them ;-)

  • TrueBarcelonian

    There were beaches in Barcelona before 1992, not as cool and tourist focused as the ones now, but there where beaches, full of families, peculiar people, and wonderful seaside restaurants, called chiringuitos, where you could spend a magical sunday paella close to the sea. In fact, Barcelona existed before 1992, just to inform everyone.

    • http://www.GowithOh.com/ GowithOh

      Hi TrueBarcelonian, it’s true that there were beaches in Barcelona before 1992! What we wanted to mention is that a new seafront was designed in that year ;-)

  • Love Travel

    I would like to go to Barcelona to try a new kitchen, new flavors! (I’m Italian), and to see for yourself the Sagrada Familia, I was always fascinated by the works of Gaudi in curious!

    • http://www.GowithOh.com/ GowithOh

      Hi Love Travel! Those are great reasons to visit Barcelona & seeing the Sagrada Família in person is certainly one of the highlights of Barcelona ;-)

  • Jayson Biadog

    I love to go to Barcelona ever-since Olympics. What a great history of sports and travelers wanderlust beauty must visit. See you soon!