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  • Booking
  • How do I go about booking an apartment?

    Here are the steps from start to finish:

    1. Making your reservation

      Have a look through our apartment pages to find a property you like. Enter your dates and details, and click on ‘book’, which will take you through to our booking form. You will see the full and final price due to be paid both at the top and at the foot of the form. Just fill out all your details, including your payment details, and select ‘book now’ to complete your reservation.

    2. Making the pre-payment

      When you book your apartment we’ll ask you to pay an initial amount, called the ‘pre-payment’. You can pay this by credit card or by PayPal.

    3. Your booking confirmation

      We will send you an email confirming your booking, with all the details you need. In the GowithOh APP you will find all the booking details as well as a map with the location of the apartment.

    4. Paying the outstanding balance

      In the majority of cases, you will need to pay the outstanding rental and security deposit in cash (and in local currency) when you check in to the apartment.

      In a few cases, apartment owners require full payment (the pre-payment and outstanding rental) 45 days in advance of check-in. If this is the case, we’ll request the outstanding rental from you 45 days before you’re due to arrive, which you pay as normal by credit card or PayPal.

      Please bear in mind that whichever of these scenarios applies to your apartment, you will always need to pay the security deposit on arrival, in the local currency.

    5. Getting the keys

      Please get in touch with your contact person (whose details are included in the confirmation email we send you) four days before your arrival at the apartment, to confirm your check-in time. Your contact person will then give you the keys at the same time as you pay the outstanding rental and/or security deposit.

    Do I get an instant confirmation of my booking?

    How can I change my booking?

    How can I cancel my booking and will I get a refund?

    Can I book over the phone or by email?

    I want to find accommodation with a particular feature – parking facilities or one that allows pets, for example. How can I narrow down my search?

    I’m travelling with my children. How should I account for them in my booking?

    Do you charge any booking fees or commission?

  • Payment
  • How do I pay for my booking?

    Which methods of payment do you accept?

    Can I get a receipt/invoice?

    Are my credit card details safe when I make a booking?

  • Your 'Oh' apartment
  • How do I find out the apartment address?

    Is cleaning included in the price?

    Will my apartment have towels and sheets included?

    What cooking equipment can I expect to find in the kitchen?

    Do you own the apartments you rent out?

    What is the security deposit?

    What time can I check in and check out?

    When and where will I get the keys?

    Where should I leave the keys when I check out?

    Can I visit the apartment before booking it?

    How do we guarantee the quality of our apartments?

    What should I do if something goes wrong during my stay?

  • Reviews
  • Where do the accommodation reviews come from?

    How do I know the reviews are genuine?

    How can I leave a review after my stay?

  • All about 'Oh'
  • Can you tell me more about your company?

    Where are your offices located and how can I contact you?

  • City discounts
  • What are the discount vouchers and where can I use them?

    When will I receive my discount vouchers?

    How do I go about claiming the discounts?

    Do you plan to add new discounts in future?

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