From touchdown to downtown – getting from Milan’s airports to the city centre

Milan is serviced by three airports – Linate, Malpensa and Orio Al Serio.

Linate is the closest airport to the city, just a few kilometres away, and is used for many domestic Italian flights as well as some European and intercontinental. Many European and intercontinental flights, particularly for Asia, also fly out of Malpensa, as do low-cost easyJet flights. Other low-cost flights usually fly out of Orio Al Serio, which is based in Bergamo, another city 45km outside of Milan.

The good news regarding all these airports is that they’re relatively small, making it easy to get around and find your way.

Linate Airport

The best way to travel to and from Linate is either by taxi or bus. There is no train service. Linate Express Bus Service Shuttle bus by Atomic tacoThere’s a frequent bus running from the airport to Piazza San Babila (city centre). You must buy your tickets from the machine before boarding, though, as it’s not possible to buy them on the bus. A one-way ticket is a standard ticket, at 1.50€ for any public transport in the city, and is valid for use up to 90 minutes, meaning that you can use it on the Metro immediately after.

The bus stop can be found directly outside the airport exit doors. There are two buses: 73 and 73X. The 73X is an express service and only stops once before Piazza San Bablia, taking a slightly different route from the 73. The express runs from Monday to Friday only. Regardless, both solutions are convenient and efficient as the 73 also has an express traffic lane and generally only takes about 20 minutes depending on the time of day.

  • 73X from Linate, first departure 07.10, 07.30, 07,50 continuing like this 19.50
  • 73X from Piazza San Bablia, Corso Europea, first departure 07.00, last 20.00
  • 73 from Linate, first departure at 06.00, last at 01.07
  • 73 from Piazza San Bablia, Corso Europea, first departure 05.35, last 00.37
Once you arrive, you’ll be able to access the Metro network (joining the red line, M1, San Bablia stop) to get to your location or grab a taxi from the Piazza.

Airport Transfer with a Private Car Service

The most relaxing and comfortable way to get from one of the Milan airports to the city center is by a private airport transfer. Pre-book your transportation online entering the airport you are flying into and the address of your hotel or apartment. Once you land there will be a driver that will be waiting for you in the arrivals hall with a name shield. The driver will walk you to your premium vehicle and you will be driven directly to your apartment. It is fast and convenient at almost the same price as a taxi. Our recommended company for this service in Milan is myDriver Airport Transfer Milan.

Airport Transfer with Car Sharing Car Club Airport Transfer LondonA new convenient way to get to and from Milan Linate Airport is car sharing. Just use a car sharing vehicle parked in Milan and drive yourself to the airport, no waiting for public transportation, or calling a taxi, just hop in and drive! Once you arrive at the airport you will be able to park at the designated car sharing parking area, P3. Leave the car there and heads towards the gate, it’s just that easy! Are you landing at Linate Airport no problem, head towards the car sharing parking area, P3 at the airport. Find the right car you want, hop in and drive it to the Milan city centre. Park it anywhere and don’t worry about paying for parking. With car sharing everything is included in the per minute price, parking, fuel, insurance, rental, tax and more. Taking more than one person to the airport can be the cheapest option getting to or from Milan Airport. Our recommended company for this service is DriveNow Car Sharing Milan.

Private Transfer from the Airport - booking online

Air Bus

Depending on the location of your apartment or if you need to catch an inter-urban train from Central Station, you can also take the Air Bus, which is a service from Linate to Central Station.

This service costs 5€ and you can buy tickets on the bus.

  • From Linate, first depature at 06:30 then every 30 minutes until 23:30
  • From Central Station, first departure at 06:00, 06:15, then every 30 minutes until 23.00

A taxi to the city centre will cost on average 15-20 euros, depending on where you need to go. A taxi rank can easily be found outside the airport doors.

Malpensa Airport

Malpensa is a bigger airport than Linate and it has two terminals. All easyJet flights depart from Terminal 2.

The most efficient and stress-free way to reach the airport is usually by the Malpensa Express, however there’s also a bus shuttle that can be useful, depending on where you need to go in the city and at which time and which terminal.

Malpensa Express Malpensa Express by macgleeThe Malpensa express train service runs directly from Terminal 1 to Piazza Cadorna (red metro line 1, Cadorna stop) or to Central Station (Centrale). The Cadorna option is the fastest, usually 29 minutes whereas to Central Station it’s 52 minutes, with stops.

An adult ticket costs 11€ to Cadorna and 10€ to Centrale, with departures every 30 minutes.

  • From Malpensa to Cadorna, first departure 05.26, last at 23.28
  • From Cadorna to Malpensa first departure 04.28, last at 1.30
  • From Centrale to Malpensa, first departure 05.27, last at 23.40
  • From Malpensa to Centrale, first departure 06.35, last at 00.40
Malpensa Bus Shuttle

Although not a lot cheaper, the bus shuttles can still be useful if you’re travelling from Terminal 2 as the shuttle bus to get to the train at Terminal 1 can be avoided. The shuttle bus only takes 15 minutes but if you prefer to arrive at Central Station, it will be much more time-efficient with the bus.

There are two bus shuttles that run from the airport and you can purchase the tickets inside the airport if you wish. However, it is recommended to wait until you’re out of the airport to see which bus is ready to depart. The ticket costs 10€, and you’ll be able to buy it as you board. Usually a bus runs every 20 minutes and the journey usually takes about an hour.

A drop off at the City Fiera (exhibition centre) is also available, but ask the driver first.


Taxi by decodrama visualA taxi has a fixed price of 90€ for Milan and takes more than an hour, depending on traffic. This includes only one stop. If you want to make multiple stops, they will not charge you the fixed rate and the cost could be a lot more, so be careful!

Orio al Serio (Bergamo) Airport

Orio al Serio is a small but newly renovated airport, however allow extra time for security checks as there’s only one entrance.

Bus Shuttle

The easiest way to arrive is via a bus shuttle service from Central Station, on the right side of the station. There are two bus services competing for the route and the going rate is 5€. Sometimes there are also special promotions.


In the past, to save money, some passengers took the train to Bergamo and then a bus to the airport. However, this would cost you approximately 7.50€ nowadays. It could always be a nice option if you wanted to have a quick visit to the lovely old town of Bergamo, well worth the trip.


A taxi takes about 45-60 minutes and costs about 100€.