From touchdown to downtown – getting from Pisa Airport (PSA) to the city centre

The first stop on your jaunt to Pisa is very likely to be the city’s Galileo Galilei Airport. The main flight hub of Tuscany, the airport is a mere kilometre from the centre of the city, and offers several options for getting around (including its own train station). We’ve included the different options here to get you to your holiday apartment as soon as possible.


Pisa bus by HHA124LIf you’re traveling alone or on a budget, the bus is probably your best option. The bus departs from the front of the airport every quarter of an hour and arrives in the city centre in 10-15 minutes. Take the Red Line (LAM Rosso) towards Jacobo, which will stop at the Piazza dei Miracoli and Pisa’s central station.

There are ticket machines at the bus stop, however, unless you’re fluent in Italian, you’ll want to give them a miss. Instead, buy your ticket directly from the information desk inside the arrivals lounge of the airport (you can also buy them from any Tabachi shop). A single ticket costs 1.10€, and it’s best to buy it beforehand rather than on the bus itself, where the cost doubles. Bear in mind that tickets are only valid for 30 minutes.


Unsurprisingly, the easiest way to get into the city centre is by taxi, and it’s a speedy 5-minute trip from the airport to the centre of town. The taxi rank is located just outside the passenger terminal’s arrival area and a typical journey into the city centre costs between 6€ and 8€. On Sundays and on public holidays passengers will be asked to pay a surcharge of 2.30€. Luggage is charged at 0.60€ per suitcase, while skis and similar oversized items cost 1.10€. Make sure to ask what the fare will be before setting off to make sure there are no surprises in store.

The taxi co-operative is called CO.TA.PI. and the radio taxi service can be contacted locally by phoning 050 541600. For any other details you might be missing, visit the airport’s homepage. You can also order your taxi ahead of time.


Pisa airport train by David JonesOne of the most handy features of Pisa’s airport is the fact that it has its very own train station. From here you can reach the city’s central train station, Pisa Centrale, as well as several other destinations in Tuscany. Trains from the airport leave every half hour for the central train station, and run until the early evening. You can buy your train tickets from the information desk in the arrivals lounge (expect to pay around 1.40€ for a one-way journey on this shuttle). It only takes five minutes to reach the central train station in Pisa’s city centre.

Check Tren Italia’s online timetable to get an idea of how long you’ll have to wait once your flight arrives.


The location of Pisa’s airport means you’re within easy reach of the rest of Tuscany, so renting a car may well appeal to you. It’s only a 10-minute drive to the city centre (follow the signs for the Via dell'Aeroporto). Driving to Livorno will take around 20 minutes while reaching Florence, 80km away, takes around 45 minutes (take the SGC Firenze - Pisa – Livorno).

On foot

It might not be the most convenient option if you’re arriving laden with luggage, but if you’re travelling light, you might well fancy walking to your city centre apartment. It’s a pleasant walk which should take around 20 minutes.