Transport around Pisa

As a small Tuscan city where nothing is too far away, getting around Pisa is easy.


The simplest way of getting around Pisa is most definitely on foot. Given the fact that many of Pisa’s most popular sights are concentrated fairly close together, distances between places are not at all far. The walk from Piazza del Duomo to the Arno River is a mere 10-minute stroll away, and you get to take in some of the city’s narrow streets on the way too. Maps can be picked up from the tourist office, as can advice about guided walks if you prefer to walk with a seasoned local guide.


Scooters are a popular mode of transport for the locals, or if you prefer pedal power, Pisa is also a great city to cycle around. Many bike hire providers, such as Toscana in Tour or Ecorent (on the city’s outskirts), offer both scooters and bicycles for hire. As well as being an efficient way to travel around the city itself, many people also find it a great way to travel over to the Parco di Migliarino on the nearby coast.


Although you don’t necessarily need to take public transport to get around Pisa, travelling by bus is a great way to get to the outskirts of the city, as well as further afield. Tickets can be bought from newsagents or tobacconist stands and the cost depends on how far you are travelling. If you’re sticking close to the centre of town, you’ll be travelling for less than 5km and so your ticket will only cost about 1€ (valid for one hour). If you’re travelling in a group, you can also buy carnets of tickets (e.g. 10 tickets for about 8€) or a daily ticket for just over 3€. Many of the buses connect the city centre with the train station and/or the airport. The Pisan Transport Company’s website has information about the bus timetables.


train-shutterstock_107108063Travelling by train is the best way to travel from Pisa to other destinations across Italy. Pisa’s main train station, Pisa Centrale, is 1.5km outside of town, which can be reached on foot or by bus. The ticket office is open between 06:00 and 21:00, or self-serve ticket machines are available all the time. If you’re only travelling a short distance (20km or less) you can buy train tickets from local newsagents. Popular day trips by train from Pisa include Florence (an hour and a quarter journey for around 5€) and Livorno (15-minute journey for less than 2€). Visit the Tren Italia website for information about timetables and fares.


Travelling by taxi is another great way of making short journeys around Pisa. The city has a cooperative taxi service, which means a network of taxis across the city are available to book on just one phone number: +39 050 541 600. There are also taxi stands in prominent locations, such as Pisa’s main train station and Piazza del Duomo. All fares are on the metre and a ten minute journey shouldn’t cost more than 10€. Add on a few more euros for the excess fare on Sundays, public holidays and overnight (between 22:00 and 06:00).

Car hire

car-shutterstock_103203827While travelling around Pisa by car isn’t always an efficient option due to a high volume of daytime traffic, hiring a car is a great way for you to explore Pisa’s outskirts and places further beyond the city. You’ll get the best price if you book in advance through a provider such as Rhino Car Hire, where you can pick up a car from either Pisa Airport or the central train station, at a cost starting from 13.50€ per day. If you do plan to drive a little around the city as well as further afield, familiarise yourself with Pisa’s road and parking restrictions ahead of time.


boat-shutterstock_141381502Something definitely worth doing in Pisa is seeing some of the city by boat on the Arno River. Boat trips typically run between April and October and there are plenty of tour operators and companies offering trips. The most popular ones are on the Il Navicello boat. The hour-long loop tour runs along the river banks taking in Pisa’s most central sights and costs 5€. The longer trip up to the coastal Parco di Migliarino and the city’s Marina di Pisa takes two hours in total and costs 8€. You might even like to take a hired bicycle on board for an extra euro and cycle around the park before catching a later boat back.

Small train

Running past all the major sites of Pisa is a golden tourist train, which takes you on a 30-minute guided tour through the city’s most popular spots. Tour providers across Pisa such as Grifo Tour sell tickets.