Shopping in Venice

If you hear the word Venice, what do you think of? We think of the gondolas, the acqua alta, Piazza San Marco, the Carnival, the Bridge of Sighs or the canal. And also of shopping in Venice! A few strokes to turn it into the most charming city in the world: It is considered a unique city for a reason!

shopping in Venice

Venice is a place you have to go to at least once in your life. This small island sticking to the Italian boot is the real gem of the country. Its spectacular architecture and its canals, as well as the festive but elegant atmosphere during the Carnival, will allow you to get lost in the recent history and invite you to wear another mask of yourself.

If Venice is your next destination, get ready to be astonished by the most spectacular island. But keep in mind that you may be a victim of the labyrinth formed by the streets of this city. But still, the city has a gift for you: A great quietness if you go shopping in Venice. There are no cars in the streets, and all the transportation goes through the water. They call it the Serenissima for a reason!

shopping in VeniceIn case you’re going to spend some days in this city in the north of Italy, here you have some tips so you can easily find the main places to do some shopping in Venice. Get ready to take notes!

Tips for shopping in Venice

Before going shopping in Venice, you need to consider the following:

  • First, the opening times of the shops go from 9 in the morning until to 8 in the evening. Besides, most of them close between 1 and 3 pm.
  • There are very few shops that open on Sundays, except for supermarkets, so don’t leave everything for the weekend!
  • If you travel in the summer, you will find some shops opened also during the night, thanks to the excellent weather of Venice.

Places to go shopping in Venice

Piazza San Marco

shopping in VeniceIf you want to go into a fairy tale, there is no better way to do so than going to Venice’s magnificent Piazza San Marco. This is the main tourist point, thanks to the church located in the same plaza and the area full of gondolas next to the sea.

It is a great place to go shopping in Venice, if you are looking for the greatest Italian designers. Here, you will find shops like Armani or Gucci, and also Prada or Versace.

Is there a better way to go shopping in Venice than to go get articles by the greatest Italian brands?

Strada della Mandola and Campo Santo Stefano

shopping in VeniceAnother of the best places to go shopping in Venice is located very close to Piazza San Marco. Through the labyrinth of narrow streets, in the middle of this architecture full of charm and surrounded by canals, we recommend to go to Strada della Mandola. Here, you will find lots of local boutiques, where you will be able to buy clothes, bags or shoes.

Besides, on the way to Rialto, you will find Campo Santo Stefano. Here you will be able to buy local foods in the markets that open here several mornings per week.

Rio Terà San Leonardo

As soon as you arrive to Venice, either by train or by bus, you will arrive to Piazza degli Scalzi. Here you will see the first postcard image of the city: A huge bridge that covers the big canal and many façades sticking out the water.

If you decide to continue straight through this plaza, you will find the street Rio Terà San Leonardo, an avenue more than 1 km long where you will be spending a few hours shopping.

In this street you will find all kinds of shops: fashion shops, local artisanal products, food… And don’t forget to make a stop at one of the shops that sell Carnival masks in this street. You won’t regret taking one of them home!

Ponte Rialto: Salizzada Pio X

shopping in VeniceAnother of the places to go shopping in Venice if you are visiting are the streets next to the famous Ponte Rialto. In the accesses to this bridge there are several shops of souvenirs and Carnival masks that will make the delights of any visitor.

The products are usually artisanal, which makes these remainders of the Italian city even more magical.

Murano: An island of crystal and glass

Venice is surrounded by famous little islands; among them, the island of Murano. You can travel there in a Vaporetto in a trip of less than 15 minutes, and you will access to a place where the most typical thing is the manufacturing of glass.

Murano is one of the greatest producers of crystal and glass in Europe. There, there are glass manufacturers who count with several shops in the island, where you can find hand-made souvenirs.

What did you thing about this selection of places where to go shopping in Venice? Have you already been to this charming city in the north of Italy? Tell us about your experience there and leave some tips for other travellers!