Camp Nou - F.C. Barcelona

Camp Nou, home of the F.C. Barcelona and a must-visit for football fans

  • Whenever you go to Barcelona, visiting the Camp Nou is a must if you’re a football fan. The home of the F.C. Barcelona is worth visiting even if you’re not a fan of the F.C. Barcelona or Barça, since it is one of the most impressive stadiums that you can visit. It is the largest stadium of Europe in terms of capacity, and the second largest in the whole world: it can host almost 100.000 people, seating!
    Camp Nou means “new field” which is why it’s sometimes misnamed as Nou Camp. It was inaugurated in 1957, after three years of construction, supervised by the architects Francesc Mitjans and Josep Soteras. There was a plan to remodel it with architect Norman Foster in 2007, but due to the crisis, the remodelling was cancelled in 2010. Now, there is planning for a new remodelling that will increase the capacity of Camp Nou up to 105.000 seats.
    In the facilities of Camp Nou, you will also find the F.C.Barcelona Museum, the Mini Estadi, where the trainees of the football team play, and the Palau Blaugrana, where the basketball court is located.
  • The apartments near Camp Nou are located in the neighbourhood of Les Corts, home of this great stadium. It is one of the traditional neighbourhoods of Barcelona, and a residential area. While you stay in the neighbourhood of Les Corts, you will share an atmosphere with locals, and families that have lived there for generations. It is a very nice environment, especially if you’re travelling with children. Camp Nou is of course the main attraction of this neighbourhood, which is quiet and relaxing. Don’t worry, because you won’t find any tourist crowds once you leave the premises of the F.C. Barcelona!
  • North of Camp Nou you will find the beginning of the famous Avinguda Diagonal, the avenue that crosses the whole city of Barcelona in diagonal, contributing to that unique and recognisable view from above. There, you will find the shopping centre L’Illa Diagonal, where you find all the shops you can imagine and some more! Clothes, shoes, accessories, home décor, stationery, kitchen utensils, delicatessen, culture & entertainment…
    Of course, in the Camp Nou facilities you will find the official shop, the FCBotiga, where you will be able to find all the merchandising available of F.C. Barcelona. You kids will love to have a T-shirt with the name of their favourite player on the back!
  • Camp Nou isn’t in Barcelona’s city centre, so you will need the metro to go to the city centre. In Barcelona, walking is always an option, since the city isn’t as big as Paris, London or Berlin, but the underground system stands as the best option to travel. From the apartments near Camp Nou, you will have easy access to two of the main five metro lines of the city, L3 (green) and L5 (blue).
    You can get L5 (which can take you to Sagrada Familia) in stations Badal and Collblanc, but you will be able to arrive to Collblanc easier: you just need to go straight south along Travessera de les Corts, which arrives straight to Camp Nou. If it’s more convenient for you to take L3, which will take you to the city centre (Plaça de Catalunya), you can go to the opposite direction until metro station Les Corts.
  • There is plenty to do in the facilities of Camp Nou! First of all, you can visit the stadium itself: it is really impressive, and your kids will love it. There, you can also visit the F.C. Barcelona Museum, where your children and you will be able to learn about the history of this football team, riddled with victories and successes. There is also a section dedicated to Leo Messi, the best football player in the world. During your visit, you will also be able to see a 35-minute-long video that shows the most emotional and legendary moments in the history of the club.
    Once you’re done with football, you can go north until Avinguda Diagonal, where you will find Palau Reial and the Gardens of Pedralbes, where you can enjoy a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere, surrounded by nature.
  • Around the apartments near Camp Nou you will find several nice restaurants, such as the Futbol Bar Restaurante, which will allow you to continue with the theme of the day: football. If you’re in the mood for some tapas, you will find the Taller de Tapas nearby. Besides, in the neighbourhood of Sants you can also find some nice tapas restaurants or typical bars where you can have traditional Spanish and Catalan sandwiches.
    For dinner, there are also some nice restaurants ideal for couples. One of them is the Restaurant Can Fusté, where you will be able to enjoy delicious Mediterranean cuisine.
    In L’Illa Diagonal, the big shopping centre located in Diagonal, north of Camp Nou, you will also find many restaurants. If you’re travelling with your kids, here you will find some fast food options that will sure satisfy them. Although tapas are usually a safe bet with children!
  • The area where the Camp Nou is located is somehow special at night and can be a bit sketchy sometimes. Luckily, there are several options to go out at night – you’ll just need to get a bit away from the stadium.
    If you’ve been to a football match, there is a mandatory stop if the F.C. Barcelona wins: You’ll have to go with the rest of the football fans to the beginning of Las Ramblas, where you will find the Font de Canaletes (Fountain of Canaletes), the place where the fans celebrate the victories of F.C. Barcelona. You’ll be amazed with the huge party that is held around such a little fountain!
    If you’re staying in the apartments near Camp Nou but you don’t go to see a football match or it’s not a time for celebration, you can also go to the neighbourhood of Sants, which is next to the neighbourhood of Les Corts. In Sants, you will find plenty of nice bars where you can enjoy a nice beer or another drink!


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