Casa Batlló

Live the magic of Catalan Modernisme in the apartments near Casa Batlló

  • Would you like to stay in the apartments near Casa Batlló? You can now check our offer in this famous corner of Barcelona! Casa Batlló is one of the architectural gems of Barcelona, and a work by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí. It is one of the main examples of Catalan Modernisme: there, you will be able to observe homages to nature, a characteristic of this artistic movement.

    Antoni Gaudí built this house between 1904 and 1906 in number 45 of Passeig de Gràcia, right next to Casa Amatller. It is in the corner with carrer Aragó and it is a part of the Illa de la Discòrdia (Block of Discord), where you will find other buildings of style modernista at a very close distance – among which there is the Casa Lleó Morera.

    During your stay in the apartments near Casa Batlló, you will realise that their aesthetic will was linked to a functionality ahead of its time. The ventilation of the house through the great windows was developed as an architectural concept in the times of Rationalism, in the decade of 1930.

    All the areas of the house are a representation of nature, either in its walls, columns or furniture. You will recognise the house thanks to its famous façade: the balconies are inspired in Venetian masks and its roof in the silhouette of a dragon.
  • Casa Batlló is located in the touristic heart of Barcelona, in Passeig de Gràcia. This avenue is full of high-quality boutiques and clothing shops, and of hotels and restaurants. This is why the locals usually don’t choose this area to live, since they prefer to avoid the big tourist crowds.
    The area where Casa Batlló is located belongs to the neighbourhood of L’Eixample, one of the biggest of Barcelona, so there are different types of neighbours there. During your stay in the apartments in Casa Batlló, you will be one of them! In this street, you will find young couples or students who are just going to stay in Barcelona for a while – and some of them arrived recently!
  • Casa Batlló couldn’t be in a better place if shopping is what you like to do in Barcelona: You will be in Passeig de Gràcia, very close to Portal de l’Àngel and Carrer Pelayo.

    In Passeig de Gràcia, you will be able to shop in all sorts of clothing and shoe shops, especially of prestigious or high-fashion brands, like Tiffany’s Gucci or Prada.

    Besides, you will also be able to go shopping to Carrer Pelayo or Portal de l’Àngel, two avenues that are very close to Plaça de Catalunya. Here you will find clothing and shoe shops at reasonable prices, like H&M, Pull&Bear or El Corte Inglés.
  • If you want to move around in the area where Casa Batlló is located, we recommend you to do so by foot. We know that the distance may seem too great sometimes, but the views are well worth the effort. Gaudí’s majesty is right in those façades in Passeig de Gràcia!

    To arrive to Casa Batlló, you can easily do so with the metro. There are many stations that will leave you right in front of the legacy Antoni Gaudí left us more than a century ago.

    If you stop in metro station Passeig de Gràcia (L2, L3 and L4, purple, green and yellow line respectively) you will easily see the house. We don’t recommend to travel by car in this area, since there is a lot of traffic and it is difficult to park.
  • Since you will be right in the touristic heart of Barcelona, you’ll see that there are many places you can visit near Casa Batlló, among which you’ll find:

    La Pedrera

    Built between 1906 and 1910, this is another of the most famous works by Antoni Gaudí, not just because of the majesty of the building, also because of its spectacular façade, which will remind you of the sand dunes of a desert. Besides, its terraces are one of the most particular places to visit in Barcelona.

    Casa Amatller

    Casa Amatller was built several years before Casa Batlló, between 1898 and 1900, as an order by businessman Antoni Amatller. It is located in number 41 of Passeig de Gràcia and its original purpose was being a Gothic urban palace.

    You will recognise this house thanks to the mixture between Modernisme and Flemish architecture and for its roof with a rectangular peak.

    Casa Lleó Morera

    Casa Lleó Morera is a work by architect Lluís Domènech I Muntaner and was built in the decade of 1880. The house was remodelled to be the residence of the Morera family, which would later give the house its name.

    The particularity of its shapes, its spikes and spectacular glass windows make this building stand out in Passeig de Gràcia.

    Fundació Antoni Tàpies

    The Fundació Antoni Tàpies is a place of interest due to its location, the building and the structures in it. First, it’s located in Carrer Aragó and very close to Passeig de Gràcia, so you will be right at Casa Batlló in just a couple of minutes.
  • La Rita, Carrer Aragó, 279
    La Rita is an elegant place with local produce and a menu that mixes the best of Italian cuisine with the best of Catalan cuisine. This is why you’ll be able to taste exquisite pasta dishes and to combine them with tapas and fish. Besides, they have an excellent wine menu. All of it, with an excellent quality-price ratio!

    El Nacional, Passeig de Gràcia, 24 bis
    Right in Passeig de Gràcia, you will be able to go have lunch or dinner to the biggest restaurant in Spain: El Nacional. This restaurant, built in an old market, hosts different restaurants in one single space, so you will be able to walk around and mix different tastes and culinary styles.

    La Botiga, Rambla de Catalunya, 27
    If you want to try the best dishes of Catalan cuisine in a restaurant with a modern atmosphere and beautiful decorations, you can do so in La Botiga, in Rambla de Catalunya. We recommend to take a look at its wine menu!
  • During your stay in the apartments in Casa Batlló, you’ll be very close to one of the main party areas of Barcelona: Carrer Tuset. It is considered to be one of the places with more style and status in the city; you will be able to enjoy the latest hits as well as a sophisticated atmosphere. Keep in mind that the clubs in this area usually have a dressing code.


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