Berlin Cathedral

The Berlin Cathedral, a majestic green dome in Museum Island

  • A majestic and enormous green dome across the river Spree, a Neo-Renaissance building almost 150 metres tall and beautiful green gardens surrounding it. That beautiful image of the Berlin Cathedral will be one of the postcard views you will sure remember from your trip to the capital of Germany. Berlin sure is a city of contrasts: there, you will be able to admire both Imperial majesty and Soviet sobriety, and the Berlin Cathedral belongs to the first part. The Berlin Cathedral or Berliner Dome has an incredibly rich history: It started as a Roman Catholic church, and it has been Lutheran and afterwards reformed and now belongs to the United Protestant churches. It has been restored and rebuilt several times along the centuries and it has been a landmark in different architectural styles, such as Renaissance, Brick Gothic and Baroque. The building, as majestic as you can see it nowadays, was built between 1894 and 1905, but that wasn’t the final reconstruction: A bomb almost destroyed the beautiful temple in 1944 and the restoration was performed between 1975 and 2002.
  • The Berlin Cathedral is located right in the centre of the centre: It’s in the district of Mitte , which means exactly that in German. Particularly, it is located in the Museum Island , a built island in the Spree river. It is a historical place as well: In the 13th century, it was the location of the ancient city of Cölln, sister city of Old Berlin. It wasn’t until the 18th century when the Old City of Cölln was integrated into Berlin, under the rule of King Frederick I. Nowadays, your neighbours around the Berlin Cathedral will be other tourists like yourself, since not many Berliners decide to live in such a central location.
  • You have a couple of very good places to go shopping if you stay in the apartments near the Berlin Cathedral. If you go left, you will arrive to Friedrichstrasse, one of the main shopping streets of the city centre. There, you will find all the major fashion brands including haute-couture like Hugo Boss or Emporio Armani. And, if you go right, you will arrive to Alexanderplatz, where you will find several department stores and the Alexa shopping centre, where you will find all the clothing shops you need as well as a food court and a cinema. Finally, don’t forget that the Berlin Cathedral is surrounded by five of the most important Museums of Berlin, which means that you will have access to all the incredible gift shops they have, where you will be able to buy unique souvenirs for your loved ones.
  • The apartments near the Berlin Cathedral are in a privileged location, since you will be quite close to all sorts of transportation options and U-Bahn lines. Besides, you will be at walking distance from many other important monuments! For instance, you can walk to Alexanderplatz, where besides seeing the iconic TV tower that presides it you will find the S+U Alexanderplatz metro and train station, where you can get line U2, which will take you close to the unique Mauerpark (station U Eberswalder Strasse). If you go to the opposite direction, you can take the metro at Friedrichstrasse station, which will take you straight south to Kreuzberg. Besides, from the Berlin Cathedral you can walk straight to the Brandenburg Gate.
  • Of course, the main attraction to visit near the apartments near the Berlin Cathedral is this astounding cathedral. The Berlin Cathedral is famous for its dome, and its beauty will be even more impressive when you’re in front of it. You will have to pay a small fee to enter, but children younger than 14 can enter for free. Pay attention to the schedule, since it changes depending on the season.
    After visiting the Berlin Cathedral, you will be surrounded by things to do. Remember that you are in the Museum Island! You have enough things to see and learn that you could stay for days right where you are. You can visit the Pergamon Museum, where you will see life-size reproductions of monumental buildings such as the Ishtar gate of Babylon, or the Bode Museum, where you’ll see a great collection of Byzantine art. You can also go to the Alte Nationalgalerie, where you can see German art from the XIX century. Finally, you can visit the Altes Museum, the oldest museum of that location, where you can see the Prussian collection of antiques and paintings from several castles; and the Neues Museum, which hosts Egyptian and prehistoric collections. There, you’ll see pieces like the Nefertiti Bust.
  • After visiting the Berlin Cathedral and the Museum Island, you will probably be hungry! You can regain your energy with a steak at the Blockhouse Steak Restaurant or the Nandos Steakhouse, or some German delicatessen with a fresh beer at the Zeughaus. If you prefer to have a fancier lunch with wonderful views of the centre of Berlin, we recommend the Humboldt Terrassen. Besides, the different museums of the Museum Island also have some great cafés where to grab a bite, such as Allegretto Café Neues Museum. And if none of these options satisfy you, you can always go back to the centre and enjoy a tasty kebab or currywurst, two of Berlin’s more typical delicatessen. Finally, did you know that there is a beautiful green area right in front of the Berlin Cathedral? It’s a great place to enjoy your sandwich or your kebab, especially if the weather’s good!
  • If you’re in the mood for a fresh beer or a drink, the centre of Berlin has countless options for you. For instance, right after leaving the Museum Island you will find the Kilkenny Irish Pub, where you will be able to choose among several types of beer. Besides, nearby you will also find the Strandbar Mitte, one of Berlin’s relaxing beach bars.
    If you’re travelling with children, the Berlin Cathedral is close to Alexanderplatz, where you will find the Alexa shopping centre, where there is a multiplex cinema and a food court so your tired kids can have some relaxing fun – and so can you!


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