Florence Centre

Florence centre, the centre of the world’s culture

  • So you decided to visit Florence in your next escapade – good choice! Florence is one of the most beautiful cities of Italy and Europe, and it has a fascinating background and history. But the most remarkable thing you need to know when visiting Florence centre is that you will be in the streets of what is called the city of arts: According to the UNESCO, 60% of the most important art pieces in the world are located in Italy… and half of those are in the captivating city of Florence! So yes, be ready to get lost in those crowded, charming and beautiful streets, but don’t forget to add a few museums to your to-do list – there are 72 in total! Of course, you won’t be able to visit them all, but you can’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy the most important one: the Uffizi Gallery.
  • Florence centre isn’t as big as other cities in Europe, but it sure is crowded! The locals usually prefer to live outside the city centre due to the constant flow of tourists, which is especially thick during the summer. Yes, of course some residents live in the city centre, especially young professionals and well-off families, but most of your neighbours during your stay in the apartments in Florence centre will be other tourists like yourself. Even seeing the locals can be hard in the middle of those crowded streets! Besides tourists, you will also see many foreigners who have come to Florence to work or study for a while. Overall, Florence has a population of around 380 thousand people.
  • Milan may be the fashion capital of Italy, but that doesn’t mean that you will be able leave your credit card to rest during your visit to this beautiful city. Florence centre is full of shops, and some of them may be difficult to resist to… You will find many surrounding the Florence Cathedral, also called the Duomo, many of them from famous haute-couture brands, as well as jewellery, bags and accessories shops. You will find them in Via del Calzaiuoli, Via dei Medici, Via dei Campidoglio and Via Roma, among others. In the first of them, you will also find a Disney store that will delight your children!
    If you want to go shopping in a historical place, you can also buy jewellery and souvenirs in the shops in the Ponte Vecchio. They have been selling jewellery for a while there, but did you know that the Ponte Vecchio used to have only butcher’s shops?
  • The best means of transportation to visit Florence centre is one that you use absolutely every day… Yes, you guessed right! You own feet will be the best way to move around the city, since Florence centre is small and reachable, and so crowded with tourists that sometimes is hard for cars or buses to circulate. The apartments in Florence centre will be at a convenient location for you to walk around the city during your stay. You may be used to depending on the metro or other transportation systems when visiting bigger European cities such as Paris or London, but you won’t need any of them in Florence. Take advantage of the situation to enjoy every beautiful detail of the city!
    However, if you need a faster way, renting a bike is also a good option, and with a bonus of fun! In Florence centre, you will find many bike rental shops – just be careful not to run over fellow tourists!
  • Yes, Florence isn’t the biggest of cities, and there are many who say a day or two are more than enough to visit it… But not if you want to do it properly – just think of those 72 museums! But no matter how many days you’re going to be in Florence centre, we’re going to propose a few fun and enriching activities that you can do during your stay in the city. The first thing that you can do, as a greeting to the city, is a free walking tour. The tour guide will tour you through Florence centre and explain lots of interesting things about the history of the city. You will get to see the Florence Cathedral, the Ponte Vecchio, the Piazzale degli Uffizi and the Palazzo Vecchio, among other things, as you learn about the Medici dynasty, which brought Florence to its maximum splendour. Don’t forget to tip your tour guide after it’s done, since that is how they make a living! After that, you can visit the inside of the Duomo, visit the wonderful pieces of art of the Uffizi Gallery or the Galleria dell’Accademia, or visit the popular markets of Florence centre, like the San Lorenzo market, located north of the Florence Cathedral.
  • If you are certain that you’re going to fall in love with the beauty and the culture of Florence, we fear you might be forgetting something… You will fall in love with the food and the wine, as well! Don’t leave Florence centre without trying Italian gelato or a tasty glass of chianti wine, and don’t forget to try delicatessen like the crostata, the bistecco alla fiorentina or the focaccia. You will be able to try delicious dishes at the restaurants Fiaschetteria Nuvoli, All’Antico Vinaio, Osteria del Porcellino, and many more! It is kind of hard to find a bad restaurant in Florence centre.
  • And if you liked the food of Florence centre, you will like the nightlife as well! As all the other Italian cities, the atmosphere of Florence during the night is lively and entertaining, and there are many places where you will be able to enjoy a fresh beer and have some fun. Close to the Ponte Vecchio you will find Zoe, a cool bar with a terrace, but if you really want to experience the atmosphere of Florence, we recommend you to cross the Ponte Vecchio, leaving Florence centre behind you, until you arrive to the charming Piazza di Santo Spirito, where you will find plenty of bars and pubs.



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