Ponte Vecchio

The Ponte Vecchio, a romantic symbol of Florence

  • The Ponte Vecchio is, together with the Florence Cathedral, the most famous monument of the beautiful city of Florence, but it is more than that: it is the main romantic symbol of the city: the stone bridge with beautiful houses hanging over the Arno river.
    It is thought that the first Ponte Vecchio, built in stone and wood, was built by the Romans, since the via Cassia crossed the Arno River in that location. However, it was in Medieval times when the bridge acquired the lively atmosphere it still has today. Originally, the shops in the Ponte Vecchio where occupied by butchers – quite different that the jewellery, art and souvenir shops that you can find there today! The butcher shops where prohibited by the Medici in the 16th century, since they believed that they removed the prestige from the beautiful bridge.
    It’s worth mentioning that the Vassari Corridor runs above the Ponte Vecchio, connecting the Palazzo Pitti With the Palazzo Vecchio – this corridor was ordered by Cosimo I de Medici so they could escape if there was a coup against them. As you can see, Florence has an amazing history – and the Ponte Vecchio is an important part of it.
  • The apartments near the Ponte Vecchio are located in the centre of the city of Florence, which means that your neighbours during your stay will mostly be other tourists like yourself. However, those staying at the other side of the river will be able to enjoy being surrounded by some locals, mainly families and professionals. In the city centre, though, you will mostly find young students and foreigners who have come to Florence to study or work for a little while. Still, the city is always alive and crowded, so you will be able to mingle with both locals and tourists!
  • Florence’s Ponte Vecchio is a shopping area itself! Most people take pictures of the beautiful bridge and that’s it, but the monument has always been a commercial area, so by shopping there you will be able to travel back in time – of course, with the permission of the hundreds of tourists and their many cameras! The shops in the Ponte Vecchio are almost all jewellery, but if you want to shop for something else, Via del Tornabuoni is not far from there. In this street, you will find haute-couture brands like Gucci, Prada or Hermès. Definitely, Florence is a place for luxury shopping! However, if that’s out of your budget, we recommend you to go to straight along Via Por Santamaria until you arrive to the Mercato del Porcellino, where you will be able to find all sorts of more affordable items, as well as souvenirs for your loved ones.
  • You may be used to taking the metro or the train to move around most European cities, but Florence will have to be an exception. The main transportation system used by the locals is the bus, whereas the visitors usually prefer to walk. In fact, many streets in the city centre are pedestrian streets, so your go-to transportation method around the Ponte Vecchio will be your own feet! Don’t worry, though: the beautiful Florence is so packed with monuments, museums and other tourist attractions that you won’t have to go far before seeing something interesting. Besides, the city centre is small enough for you to walk. However, if you’re tired, or you want to do a fun activity with your children, you can also rent a bike. Be careful, though, because Florence is a crowded city!
  • The Ponte Vecchio will offer one of the most beautiful sights of the city. But, besides crossing it and seeing the shops and enjoying the atmosphere, we recommend you to walk up to the two bridges next to it, so you can take a picture of the medieval bridge from afar. Don’t forget to go for a walk at night as well, since the illuminated Ponte Vecchio is a sight you’re not likely to forget.
    Very close to the Ponte Vecchio you will find the Uffizi Gallery, together with the Passagio degli Uffizi and the Palazzo Vecchio, two of the most important landmarks of the city of Florence. But if you prefer to have a quieter day, you can cross the Ponte Vecchio and go to the surroundings of the Palazzo Piti: the beautiful and green Boboli Gardens, which are ideal for a family day.
  • Florence is a very beautiful city, but we won’t blame you if one of the things that excites you the most about your trip is the food! Who doesn’t like Italian cuisine? Pasta, pizza, fish, meats and wine – the specialties of the “boot” of Europe! In Florence, capital of the region of Tuscany, besides the pasta and pizza that are traditional in the whole country, the most typical are meat and wine. And where can you go try some? Well, there are many options around the apartments near the Ponte Vecchio, but you have to be careful because it’s a tourist area, and, as such, it tends to be overpriced. However, we have a few recommendations for you, such as the Osteria del Porcellino, located next to the market, or the Antico Fattore, located between the Ponte Vecchio and the Uffizi Gallery. And if you need a vegetarian option, go the opposite way and you will soon find the Amblé.
    And what about dinner and a wine tasting? Near the Ponte Vecchio, you will find two great wine cellars for an unforgettable evening: Le Volpi e L’Uva and Alimentari Uffizi.
  • If you still have energy left after visiting the beautiful Ponte Vecchio and its surroundings, there are some options around – although, sometimes, just walking around the city centre is enough to enjoy the lively atmosphere that can be breathed in Florence during the night. But, for sure, a refreshing beer or a cocktail will make the experience even better! After crossing the Ponte Vecchio and leaving the city centre on the other side of the river, take a right in the street Lungarno Torrigiani and you will soon be in one of the coolest bars of the city, Zoe, where you will be able to sit and have a drink in the terrace. And if you cross back, this time in the closest bridge to the Zoe, the Ponte alle Grazie, and keep walking straight, you will soon find another great location to go out, the Soul Kitchen, where you will also be able to have dinner or enjoy live music. Besides, it’s a great location to have the typical aperitivo in the early evening! Another option is to go to the Piazza di Santo Spirito, a lively plaza with lots of terraces and a very friendly atmosphere during the night.


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