Central London

Central London, one of the greatest cities in the world

  • London is a city like no other – and whenever you visit Central London, the only thing you will be sure of is that you will want to go back, to visit everything again, and enjoy everything again. Wonderful galleries and museums, big landmarks like the Big Ben, and little ones like the red phone booths – London is a picturesque city that will make you feel like in a movie, and your time there won’t be spoiled, not even if it rains every day. Because even the rain makes Central London beautiful! The Westminster Abbey or the Tower Bridge, the National Gallery or the British Museum, Notting Hill or Camden Town… What are you going to visit first?
  • London is a melting pot of cultures: one of the most cosmopolite cities in the world. In Central London, you will interact with people of all kinds of different origins, which means there is a lot to learn besides there being a lot to visit. Central London is an expensive area, but there is place for all kinds of people, since there are areas that are richer and others that are poorer. It’s hard to say exactly how many people live there, since there are no clear limits for what is considered to be Central London – but what we can say is that it receives around 16 million tourists a year, and that it is the most visited city in the entire world. You will be sharing Central London with lots of temporary neighbours, but try to get to know the locals – nobody knows London better than they do!
  • The main shopping areas in Central London are close to the Soho. Oxford Street, which demarcates that neighbourhood in its northern part, is the main shopping street in town: There, you will find hundreds and hundreds of shops of all kinds, from fashion to beauty stores, including technology and culture stores such as record stores and book stores. About the middle of Oxford Street, there is Oxford Circus, the place where it interjects with Regent Street, another of the main commercial streets in Central London. If you go south in Regent Street, you will arrive to the famous Piccadilly Circus, yet another one of the most famous shopping areas in the city. However, there are many other places to shop besides these, which constitute the main shopping area in Central London: Neighbourhoods such as Covent Garden also offer a variety of little charming shops where you can buy from organic foods to designer’s clothes.
  • The most used type of transport in Central London is, of course, the Tube, the name given to the underground system of the city. The London Tube is a landmark by itself, and it communicates perfectly all the main tourist attractions you will want to visit. The District Line, for instance, communicates all the attractions located by the river Thames; whereas the Circle Line makes a whole circle connecting everything. If you don’t like to be underground, don’t worry, because you can also get into one of the typical red double-decker buses – Most of them aren’t like the classical ones anymore, but they still have two floors and allow you to see the city from a different perspective. Besides, there are many sightseeing buses that will take you directly to the main tourist attractions of the city.
    But the best way to move around London is by foot! Yes, it’s a huge city, and you will need another transportation at some point, but there is nothing better than walking along the river Thames, seeing all the wonderful and famous buildings built around them: The Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, Saint Paul’s Cathedral, the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge are some, but not all of them. And whenever you get tired, you can just jump into a cab and go back to your apartment in Central London!
  • Where to start? Central London has so many things to see and to experience that you would need a whole month to be able to enjoy everything! From the most wonderful buildings, like the Houses of Parliament and the Big Ben (actually called the Elizabeth Tower), the Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London or Saint Paul’s Cathedral; to the most famous squares, like Piccadilly Circus or Trafalgar Square; including neighbourhoods with distinct personalities, such as Covent Garden, the Soho, Notting Hill or White Chapel – and we can’t forget about the beautiful parks and other landmarks, like Hyde Park, Marble Arch or Buckingham Palace. Besides, and fortunately for all visitors, Central London has free entry to most of its incredible museums: You can visit the Tate Modern, the Tate Britain, the National Gallery and the British Museum for free!
  • British cuisine hasn’t that many fans, but visiting Central London may change your mind! British dishes will surprise you (there is much more than fish & chips and English breakfast, although those are truly amazing), but besides the gastronomy that is typical in London, keep in mind that you will find some of the best restaurants in the world there. Those may not be apt for all wallets, but that melting pot that is Central London can be seen also in the variety of cuisines that you can try there: There are wonderful Italian restaurants, and it’s the ideal place to try Indian cuisine for the very first time. In fact, the Tikka Masala is so integrated in London that politician Robin Cook said that it should be the British national dish! A must-try in Central London, without a doubt.
    When trying to find a place to eat in Central London, it’s important to keep in mind that it receives millions of tourists every year, so it’s important that you do a little bit of research of the area where you are staying. If you book one of GowithOh’s apartments in Central London, you can check our little guides for each of the areas available.
  • Central London has lots and lots of people during the day, but it has many during the night as well. If you book one of our apartments in Central London, daytime sightseeing will leave you so tired that you will be tempted to stay in the comfy apartment in the evening. Well, our recommendation is that you don’t! London has a great nightlife: you can dance all night in wonderful clubs, or enjoy the atmosphere of the typical British pubs – you can do that even if you’re tired, since they close quite early, around 11 pm. Besides, London has a great nightlife in the form of culture: The West End of Central London is also called Theatreland, and it’s considered to be the main theatre area in the world after Broadway. If theatre or musicals are not your thing, Central London is full of music venues: check the agenda before traveling, because it will be difficult for you not to find a good show to see during your stay.


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