Oxford Street

Oxford Street, a shopping paradise

  • Oxford street is the most crowded street in Europe. Nowadays, it is full of stores, which makes it the main shopping area in the city of London. But when jumping from one store to another, take some time to think about the interesting history of this place, one that is unexpected in a place that nowadays is so absorbed by consumerism: It was originally an ancient Roman road, the one that communicated Colchester and Hampshire. Later on, in the 16th century, it was the road that saw the prisoners of Newgate walk until Tyburn gallows, where they would later be hanged – and today, you will find Marble Arch there another important landmark of London, right at the entrance of Hyde Park.
    It wasn’t until the XIX century when stores started to open there. But nowadays, it’s difficult to imagine something other than that!
    In Oxford Street, you will be able to admire beautiful architecture (it’s full of beautiful buildings) and to enjoy the experience of a shopping centre: There, you will find all sorts of services you may need for a shopping spree: Wi-Fi, cafés, and currency exchange points.
  • If you book one of GowithOh’s apartments near Oxford Street, you will be in one of London’s most important Inner Boroughs, the City of Westminster, and London’s West End. You will have millions of neighbours: it’s estimated that half a million people visit Oxford Street every day! You will find even more if you go out during the night, since you will be right next to the Soho, one of the main entertainment areas of the city. It’s a place full of life and full of people, during the day and during the night. Besides, you will be able to make friends if you go for a picnic in one of the many parks – Hyde Park being the most important.
  • Well, what can we say about shopping in Oxford Street? There isn’t enough space in the Internet! Oxford street is the main shopping street in London, so you will find all sorts of stores: From fashion stores like American Apparel, the Gap or Primark, to entertainment stores such as Virgin Media, where you will be able to buy plenty of records and films, among other types of technology products; or Waterstones, one of the main chain bookstores in the country. But that’s not all: in Oxford street, you can find practically everything you may want to buy in London: children’s toys, shoes, beauty products (There you will find wonderful British gems like Lush, the famous boutique of natural soaps and beauty products), or souvenirs.
    Of course, there you will also find typical British chain stores like Debenhams, Marks & Spencer, House of Fraser or Selfridge; but pay most attention to the little stores with brands you have never heard of: you will probably discover certain gems you wouldn’t find in your country of origin: London is, after all, one of the fashion capitals of the world!
  • If you book one of our apartments near Oxford Street, you will find that you have many means of transportation. Right in Oxford street, you will find many buses that stop there, and, of course, you can always choose the Tube, which is a landmark by itself! The Tube Line that travels along Oxford Street is the Central Line, that you can get in Marble Arch Underground, Bond Street Station, Oxford Circus and Tottenham Court Road. In Oxford Circus, you can also take the Bakerloo Line (which will take you to Embankment, right next to the river Thames), and in Tottenham Court Road Station, the Northern Line. Besides, many sightseeing buses travel along Oxford Street, so you can jump in one and wait for it to take you to other wonderful attractions of London.
    But if you book one of our apartments near Oxford Street, your best allies will be your own feet! You will be in one of the neuralgic points of London, and walking from Oxford Street to the other attractions will make a wonderful promenade.
  • Are you in the mood for some sightseeing after all the shopping? Well, if you walk past Tottenham Court Road Station you will soon find Bloombury Street, where you will find the wonderful British Museum. It hosts very important collections that will teach you lots about archeology and the history of the world. Its Egyptian collection is the biggest after the Egyptian Museum of Cairo!
    Right in Oxford Street, you can do some sightseeing as well: You can admire the wonderful architecture of its buildings and, besides, in the middle of Oxford Street you will find Oxford Circus, the only diagonal intersection of the centre of London: The intersection is with yet another commercial street, Regent Street.
    And if you’re too tired, don’t worry! After all the shopping, you can finish your day in wonderful Hyde Park, having a picnic surrounded by people. The atmosphere couldn’t be friendlier!
  • Oxford Street is a real open-air shopping centre, and that means you can find many places to grab a bite. The best option is to buy something to go (there are plenty of sandwich places or fish & chips stores) and to enjoy it in Hyde Park, sitting under the sun, but if you’re in the mood for a real meal in a restaurant, there are plenty of options for that as well! In Oxford Circus, you will find the Angus Steakhouse, where you can enjoy a wonderful steak. There are many other places in Argyll Street, also by Oxford Circus: from Bella Italia (which isn’t expensive at all considering the location) to the Argyll Arms, which is also a wonderful place to have the very British afternoon tea.
  • Did you book one of our apartments near Oxford Street? Well, congratulations, because there aren’t many locations better than this to go out at night! You’re right next to the Soho, where you will find some of the best clubs in town. The Roxy is one of the most famous: it offers pretty cheap drinks and mainstream hits. If you’re in the mood for some rock’n’roll or R&B, you will enjoy St. Moritz too.
    Not in the mood for dancing? Don’t worry, if all you want is a refreshing beer, you can find that as well around Oxford Street. There are many pubs as well, so you just need to keep your eyes open!


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