London’s Soho, a mix of history, culture and entertainment

  • People around during night and day, fashion statements and lots and lots of fun: that is what is offered in London’s Soho, the entertainment district par excellence of the capital of England. The Soho is one of the places in London to go for culture and fun, and a nightlife destination for both locals and visitors. However, like everything in London, even the apparently most modern things, it has a great and powerful history: it was a farmland called St Giles Fuel during the Middle Ages, and later on, the Earls of Leicester and Portland tried to make it into an area for the rich, without success – it ended up being home to many poor immigrants. Aristocrats moved away, and “respectable” families followed their lead during the 18th and 19th century, while prostitutes, theatres and small music venues made it their home. Nowadays, the formerly paradise of sex businesses has transferred the reign to the entertainment world.
  • The Soho is a part of the city that has been “taken” by the youth, since it’s the main entertainment area of London. It’s located in the City of Westminster, as a part of the West End. As a residential area, it is very multicultural, and it houses both rich and poor – London is a city of mixtures, and the Soho is a good example of that. It used to be famous for its importance in the sex industry, but it lived a real gentrification as a residential area in the 80s, and it counts nowadays with a wider variety of businesses: fashion and record stores, designers’ workshops, media offices and restaurants, and yes, still some sex businesses like sex shops. The nature of the businesses in the area plus the many entertainment options at night, like bars and clubs, explain why the Soho is one of the youngest areas in central London.
  • If you book one of our apartments near the Soho (or in the Soho itself), you will be able to enjoy the many little stores and places in its streets: it’s a great place to find unique clothing items and little art pieces, and a source of gems for the music lovers: In the small record stores in the streets of the Soho they will find records that are difficult to find hidden among the rest!
    But besides the wonders of its streets, if you book one of GowithOh’s apartments near the Soho you are also right in the middle of the main commercial area of London. In Oxford Street and Piccadilly, you will find all the stores you can dream of: From fashion to beauty stores, including technology shops and many more.
  • London’s Soho is one of the central areas in London: It is the square of streets located between four Tube Stations: Oxford Circus, Tottenham Court Road, Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square – although the latter isn’t considered to be part of the area. This means you can have direct access to 5 lines of London’s Tube: The Central Line (Oxford Circus and Tottenham Court Road Station), the Barkerloo Line (Oxford Circus and Piccadilly Circus), the Northern Line (Leicester Square and Tottenham Court Road), the Piccadilly Line (Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square) and the Victoria Line (Oxford Circus). This means that you can arrive basically everywhere with just the Tube if you stay in one of our apartments near the Soho. Besides, you can take one of the sightseeing buses that stop in Piccadilly Circus and that will take you to the other tourist attractions in London, or you can just walk! You’re right in the centre of the city, which means that you aren’t too far from any of the main landmarks. Of course, you will still need to walk for a while, since London is a huge city – but isn’t that the best way of really getting to know a place? The closest attractions to the Soho are, to the west, Hyde Park; to the east, the City, to the south, Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace; and to the north, Oxford Street and the British Museum.
  • Nightlife and shopping are the main things to do in this part of the city, but if you book one of our apartments near the Soho you can take advantage of being so close to many important landmarks of the city. Walking around the streets of the Soho and getting to know its stores, galleries and unique places is a must, but you can also get out of the area and visit other main attractions nearby, such as Trafalgar Square, where besides delighting your eyes with its majestic constructions offers one of the most important museums in town, the National Gallery. Towards the opposite side, you will find the British Museum, which offers great collections that explain the history of humanity. If you’re not interested in that, the British Museum is a mandatory stop nonetheless: Its incredibly beautiful skylight ceiling, designed by architect Norman Foster, will leave you breathless. And it’s free!
  • A place with so much culture and entertainment like the Soho also needs to provide its visitors with some good food! For a good and fancy meal, you can try the Yauatcha, a fashionable place that offers wonderful Asian cuisine. Another iconic place is the Bob Bob Ricard, which offers an English and Russian fusion in a very modern and original atmosphere: It’s decorated like a train!
    But there are also less fancy but equally yummy options apt for all kinds of budgets: You can have brunch at the Breakfast Club Soho, or try Indian cuisine at the Masala Zone. Of course, you’ll also be able to find the usual steak, burger or fish & chips. The Soho is a place to enjoy!
  • London’s Soho is famous for its nightclubs and pubs: It has an “open-all-night” sort of atmosphere that will make that even those who like to go to bed early feel like going for a drink, even if it’s a quick one! Try The O Bar and Bar Italia – they have a fun and great atmosphere!
    Besides, the Soho is one of the main gay-friendly areas of the city, so you will have plenty of bars and clubs with a gay atmosphere. You can also enjoy the jazz at Ronnie Scott’s.
    But there is something else that you can do in the Soho, if music and drinks are not really your cup of tea. You can go see a play or a musical in one of the many theatres – in fact, London’s West End, where the Soho is located, is sometimes called Theatreland! In the Soho, you can check the agenda in the London Palladium, the Queen’s Theatre and the Soho Theatre. Besides, the Cambridge Theatre is also very close, even if the area where it’s located is not considered part of the Soho.


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