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The Tate Britain, wonderful art by the riverside

  • The Tate Britain is one of the two galleries in London run by the Tate, an institution that manages British art; the other one being the Tate Modern. It opened in 1897 as the National Gallery of British Art until 1932, when it changed its name to Tate Gallery. There, you will be able to see great art pieces (for instance, many of the most important works by landscape romantic painter J.M.W. Turner), as well as participate in conferences and other activities. It’s located where London’s Millbank prison used to be, very close to the Millibank pier in the Thames river: In fact, the Tate Britain is connected to its ‘sister’ located in London, the Tate Modern, with a speed boat that navigates through the river Thames.
  • The Tate Britain has quite the important neighbours! It is located in the area of Millbank of the City of Westminster, in central London, and it’s at walking distance from two of the main attractions of the capital of England, the Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament, with the wonderful Big Ben presiding over them. If you book one of GowithOh’s apartments near the Tate Britain, you’ll also be at walking distance from St James’s Park and Buckingham Palace, so you will be able to take advantage of a sunny afternoon to have a picnic among ducks and squirrels.
  • Any great museum counts with a great shop, right? Well, the Tate Britain has not one, but two great shops for souvenirs and art items, the Main Shop and the Manton shop. The main one offers all sort of gifts, postcards and art books from the Tate’s Britain collection, as well as many games and gifts for children. It includes The Octagon, the Tate Britain’s print room, where you will find many prints of the art pieces exhibited in the gallery. The Manton Shop is dedicated to the current exhibition program of the Tate Britain.
    If you booked one of our apartments near the Tate Britain and you need to do some regular shopping you will have to walk a little bit north-west until Victoria District (don’t worry, it’s very close), where you will be able to find a couple of shopping centres, Victoria Place and Cardinal Square.
  • If you book one of the apartments near the Tate Britain, you will have plenty of transportation options but you may have to walk for a little bit before arriving to one. The closest Tube station is Pimlico, where you can get into the Victoria Line, which will take you to Victoria Station. There, you can get into the Circle and the District Lines, which can take you to other attractions that are further away, such as the Tower of London or the Tower Bridge. If you need to take a train, Victoria is also a train station. Besides the urban buses, that connect the whole city, you have another very nice transportation option: a riverboat! If you get it at Millbank Pier, it will take you across the Houses of Parliament until Embankment pier.
    The other greatest transportation option…are your own feet! The Tate Britain isn’t far from Buckingham Palace, the Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament, so walking is also a good option. You could even walk towards St James’s Park through the Victoria district across Vincent Square, a very nice little park that is usually free of other tourists.
  • The main attraction to visit if you book one of the apartments near the Tate Britain is the Tate Britain itself, where you will be able to see a great collection of British and contemporary art: you will see art pieces from Turner, Douglas Gordon, Tracey Emin, John Latham and Sam Taylor-Wood, among others.
    The Tate Britain also has non-permanent exhibits, so make sure to see what’s on when you get there. For instance, it hosts the Turner Prize exhibit every year, which is usually controversial.
    Besides… Are you travelling with children and you’re afraid they won’t amuse themselves at a gallery? Don’t worry, because the Tate Britain organises activities for children too! From little workshops to film screenings, there is a program called Tate Kids that organises all sort of fun activities in the ‘four Tates’ (the Tate Britain and the Tate Modern in London, the Tate Liverpool and the Tate St Ives). Check online what’s on during your stay in London – they will love it, and you will help them build interest in the art world! And do you know that the best part is? As almost all important museums in London, entry to the Tate Britain’s permanent collection is free, and you only have to pay for certain exhibits!
    Once you finish delighting yourself with the masterpieces in the Tate Britain, what about having a nice walk up the river? You will be able to see some great tourist attractions of London: if you keep your walk short, you could see the Houses of Parliament , the Big Ben and the London Eye, and if you keep it up, you can walk through Saint Paul’s Cathedral , the City and the Tower Bridge .
  • Does art make you hungry? Well, don’t worry, because near the Tate Britain you’ll also find good places to fill your tummy, starting from the Tate Britain Café itself – a wonderfully decorated location worth going to, even if just for coffee.
    But if you booked one of our apartments near thee Tate Britain, you won’t have to end up at the gallery every day for a bit, because of course, there are plenty of other places to eat! You can have an American experience in London in the Lobster London, or a nice fusion meal in the Chino Latino: You will have to cross to the other side of the river through the Vauxhall bridge, but it’s worth it! If you decide to stay at the Tate Britain’s side of the river, you can try the About Thyme, that offers a fusion of British and Spanish cuisine.
  • After seeing so many masterpieces, you’ll probably want to discuss them, and is there a better place than a pub to do so? Near the Tate Britain, you will find the Morpeth Arms, where you can also eat some dinner, but you will find most entertainment options in the area across the river, around the Vauxhall Tube station. You can go have a drink at the Beehive Bar & Restaurant, and if you want to go clubbing, you will find Factory 65. Vauxhall is known as one of London’s gay-friendly areas and you will find many gay pubs and clubs there.


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