Charles de Gaulle Airport

Charles de Gaulle Airport, the busiest airport of Paris

  • Charles de Gaulle Airport, also known as Roissy Airport, is nowadays the biggest and busiest international airport in the whole France. Its construction started in 1966 under the name of Aéroport de Paris Nord (Paris North Airport), but when it inaugurated in 1974 it had already been renamed as Charles de Gaulle Aiport. It was designed mainly by French architect Paul Andreu, known for designing many airports around the world.
    Charles de Gaulle Airport has some impressive numbers: it is the second busiest airport in passengers in Europe (London Heathrow being the only one bigger), and the eighth in the world. In 2015, it handled more than 65 million passengers!
  • Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport is located between three départements, Seine-et-Marne, Seine-Saint-Denis and Val-d’Oise, where the commune of Roissy-en-France, which also gives a name to the airport, is located. Roissy is a rural area, despite the airport, and it has many little companies and stores. Of course, if you travel to Charles de Gaulle airport your main destination will be Paris, but there are some charming little places that you can visit in Roissy as well, like the church of Saint Éloi or the remains of the Château des Caramans. If you book one of GowithOh’s apartments near Charles de Gaulle Airport, a day trip to Roissy with your family may be a charming and unique option!
  • If you’re a fan of shopping, waiting at Charles de Gaulle Airport won’t be a hassle for you at all, since there are many places where you can shop and enjoy the duty-free advantage that offer these international spaces. In Charles de Gaulle Airport you will be able to shop for clothes and jewellery, entertainment, classical duty-free products like tobacco or perfumes and, of course, French gourmet products! Don’t miss French delicatessen stores such as La Cure Gourmande. If you prefer to shop for fashion, jewellery and accessories, there are wonderful options as well, such as Hermès, Swarovski and Cartier. Don’t forget to check where the stores are before you go through security!
  • Charles de Gaulle Airport is the biggest and busiest airport of France, and, as such, it counts with many different ways of transportation to go to the city centre. For starters, you have, of course, the taxi, the most comfortable way to arrive to Paris, especially if you are travelling with kids. They will take you straight to the hotel.
    Of course, the taxi is a pricey option, so you can also take public transport. There are several buses that go to different places of the city (you will just have to ask which is more convenient for you), as well as the train, usually the preferred option of transportation by tourists. You can choose between the SNCF main line station and the Regional RER train, depending on which terminal you travelled to. There are also shuttle services, including one that goes straight to Disneyland Paris.
    Finally, you also have the option of renting a car. It will give you a lot of freedom to move around Paris and its surroundings, but keep in mind that the city centre can be overwhelming for those who are not used to driving there. But, of course, if you’re travelling with children, that freedom may be worth it!
  • If you travel to Orly Airport, your ultimate destination will probably be Paris, the capital of France and the City of Love – and there you will be quite busy with all the wonders it has to offer! You can either go directly to Disneyland Paris or the Palace of Versailles, which are outside the city, or go directly to the city centre and enjoy attractions such as Les Invalides, the Eiffel Tower , Arc de Triomphe or the Louvre Museum .
    But if you need to stay in Charles de Gaulle for a while, for any reason, do not worry, because there are many entertainment options in its facilities, especially if you’re there with your children! The French TV Channel Gulli has play areas in many parts of the Airport, so your children can have fun. There are also game areas with arcade games like pool or Pinball, and even videogames, so you yourself can go back a few years for a while and play with your children.
    If you’re travelling alone or with your friends, there is also Be Relax, a beauty and spa saloon, and the cinema suites as well, where you can watch the latest films while you wait for your flight. So, as you can see, Charles de Gaulle Airport is fully prepared for guests!
  • You didn’t have time to have lunch in the city? Don’t worry, because you can grab a bite at Charles de Gaulle Airport before your flight! There are many cafés available in the different terminals of the airport, and even some restaurants. You will be able to try French cuisine as well as French pastries! Of course, keep in mind that however good the options are you will be at an airport, so be prepared to pay a bit too much for your food. Besides, make sure you check where the cafes and restaurants are in the terminal you’re supposed to go to – there are usually more options before security, so you may want to make sure there is a good option inside if you want to go first through the security control.
  • Well, there isn’t much to do in an airport at night, is it? But the restaurants and entertainment options at Charles de Gaulle Airport are open in the evening, so you do have some options to have fun while you wait for your flight. However, if you have a flight early in the morning but you do really want to have a drink in an exciting atmosphere, it may be a good idea to get a taxi and travel to the city centre, to areas such as the Latin Quarter or Bastille, which are full of bars and pubs and are a great place to enjoy the nightlife of Paris and mingle with the locals.



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