Roland Garros

The Roland Garros Stadium, witness of legendary victories

  • Officially called the Stade Roland Garros, the Roland Garros Stadium has witnessed sports history year after year – the best tennis players in the world have aimed for the Davis Cup, the trophy that the winner of the French Open takes home every year. The Grand Slam has been celebrated since 1928, the year when the Roland Garros Stadium was built and inaugurated. It was name after Roland Garros, an aviator and engineer but also a World War I hero.
    The Roland Garros Stadium includes two main courts, Court Philippe Chatrier, the oldest and main venue, and Court Suzanne Lenglen, which was built in 1994. Besides, there is also the tertiary court, Court 1, built in 1980, which is known as the “Bullring” due to its circular shape.
  • The Roland Garros Stadium is located at the boundary of Bois de Boulogne, in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, and right next to the commune Boulogne-Billancourt, which isn’t part of the city of Paris. With more than 110.000 inhabitants, it is actually the most populated suburb of Paris, so if you book one of GowithOh’s apartments near Roland Garros Stadium, you will have lots of neighbours! It is also an important economic centre: there are many companies located there. Besides, it is also a rich area, since it has the second highest income per person in the region of Île-de-France and France itself.
  • If you visit the Roland Garros Stadium, you will also have the opportunity to do some shopping. Right next to the Roland Garros Stadium and the Restaurant Le Roland Garros, you will find the Boutique Roland-Garros, where you will find all the official merchandising available: sportswear for men, women and children, towels, watches by Swatch, sportswear by Adidas and Lacoste and bags and rackets by Babolat. Of course, you will also find all sorts of classical souvenirs for your loved ones, such as mugs or key chains, all beautifully designed.
    If you book one of our apartments near Roland Garros Stadium and you need to do some regular shopping, in the area of Bois de Boulogne you will find the shopping centre Les Passages, where you will find fashion stores, technology stores, restaurants and a supermarket, among others.
  • If you look at the location of the Roland Garros Stadium in a map, you may think that it is too far away from the centre of the city, but don’t worry! It is the perfect location for fans of tennis, but that doesn’t mean they will have to miss on the beautiful City of Love. Paris’ metro system is very extensive and arrives of course to Bois de Boulogne and the Roland Garros Stadium. The closest metro station to the Roland Garros Stadium is Porte d’Autail, which will connect you to the Line 10 of the metro, which takes you to the city: The station La Motte-Piquette – Grenelle isn’t far from the Eiffel Tower, and Odéon will leave you very close to the Luxembourg Gardens. If you’re in Boulogne – Billancourt, you can get line 10 in the station Boulogne – Jean Jaurès.
    Besides, there are many buses that go to the area and a special shuttle from the stadium to the nearest car park and metro stations.
  • Tennis aficionados have a must-visit in the Roland Garros Stadium, where one of the most important Grand Slams is celebrated every year, the French Open. Visiting the Roland Garros Stadium is quite pricey. You can check the different prices and packages in their website.
    Besides visiting the stadium, you can also visit the Tennis Museum or Tenniseum, which is right next to it. It closes on Mondays and Tuesdays and it has discounts for children, students and the unemployed. Its official name is Museum of the French Federation of Tennis.
    Besides the Roland Garros Stadium, if you stay in an apartment in the area there is another must-visit for you: The Bois de Boulogne, the second-largest park of Paris (the other one being Bois de Vincennes, in the opposite side of the city). There is plenty to see in Bois de Boulogne, and it is a great destination for those who love nature and need a green day during their trip to Paris: There, you will find lakes, a cascade, botanical gardens and even the Château de Bagatelle and an amusement park. It is a perfect destination for a family day with your children!
  • The area of the Roland Garros Stadium and Bois de Boulogne receives more visitors than you’d think – there are many people who want to go see the famous stadium! This is why right next to it you will find the Restaurant Le Roland Garros, where you can try French cuisine. Also nearby, you will find other French restaurants such as Molitor Restaurant or the bistro Le Bleu.
    If you’re travelling with children, another great option is to grab some sandwiches to go and enjoy them with the whole family in one of the great green areas of the place. As we’ve mentioned before, the Roland Garros Stadium is right at the corner of the wonderful Bois de Boulogne, one of the most beautiful green areas of the whole city!
  • If you book one of our apartments near Roland Garros Stadium, there is plenty to do in the area of Bois de Boulogne. If you’re travelling with the whole family, you can have a soirée in the shopping centre Les Passages, where you will find many restaurants and a cinema. If you prefer to go for a drink, there are many pubs and bars in the area, such as Aux Trois Obus, Il Était un Pub and Au Trinquet.
    However, if you’re tempted to visit the Bois de Boulogne during the night, we recommend that you don’t, especially if you’re travelling with children, since it is not a nice atmosphere for them. The park is wonderful during the day, but it is not a safe area at night.


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