Seville Centre

Seville centre, a city with a special colour

  • Do you remember the summer hit ‘La Macarena? Well, the two Spanish singers that popularised it, Los del Río, had another very popular hit that said ‘Sevilla tiene un color especial’, which means that Seville has a special colour… And you will clearly see it once you visit Seville centre, because the beauty of this city of the south of Spain can’t be compared to anything else! The capital of the region of Andalusia is an incredibly beautiful city, and a very monumental one. In fact, you will be able to get lost for hours in the city centre going from one tourist attraction to the other.
    The striking Seville centre is crossed by river Guadalquivir, and many of the tourist attractions of Seville centre are located by the riverside. This, together with the white beautiful houses and the wonderful weather, add even more beauty to the town. River Guadalquivir is navigable, which makes Seville the only inner city to have a port.
    Finally let’s not forget about the monuments in Seville centre! The city has the largest historical centre in Spain and the third largest in Europe, with almost 4 square kilometres. It hosts three World Heritage Sites by the UNESCO: The Alcázar, the Cathedral and the General Archive of the Indies.
  • Part of the ‘special colour’ of Seville centre is given by the friendly and lively locals, which are social, nice and warm people. In Seville centre you will find many tourists like yourself, but don’t forget to practise your Spanish by talking to people in bars and in the street.
    The apartments in Seville centre are in the fourth city of Spain in population, with more than 700.000 inhabitants. Although most of them are of Spanish origin, you will also find immigrants from Latin America and Northern Africa. Still, Seville isn’t a cosmopolitan city and most of the people you encounter will have been born and bread in Seville and its surroundings.
  • In Seville Centre you will find a big chain department store called El Corte Inglés, which can be found in all major Spanish cities. There, you will be able to buy clothes, shoes accessories, jewellery and perfumes, as well as books, records and electronic products. But if you’re in Seville centre, it’s even better to go shopping outdoors so you can enjoy the great weather and the characteristic beauty of Seville’s streets. Near the City Council you will find Calle Sierpes and Tetuán, two pedestrian streets where you will find shops of all the major fashion brands. There, you will also find some unique shops, like Sabina, or a workshop where you can buy artisanal headdress. In Calle Cuna you will find fancy dresses and accessories – in fact, the locals call it ‘the wedding street’, since it’s where everybody goes to buy fancy outfits for weddings. Finally, don’t forget to meander in the city, because you will find many hidden and unique shops where you will be able to find one-of-a-kind items and souvenirs for your loved ones.
  • Seville has a metro system, but if you are going to stay in Seville centre and need transportation, the tramway is a better option. Besides, you’ll be able to see the views!
    However, we strongly recommend to walk. The apartments in Seville centre are in a privileged location, and the city is so full of monuments and beautiful gardens and buildings to see, that the best way to move around is by foot. If you are set on moving on wheels, you can also rent a bike! There are many places where you can do so, and it might just be the best option if you enjoy the wind in your face. You can also take a cab, especially at night, but ask for an approximate price for your trip beforehand, just to avoid a bad surprise. Taxis in Seville are white with a yellow diagonal stripe.
  • Seville centre has so much to see and do that you will need several days to get to know this beautiful city. Let’s start our tour at the south of Seville Centre, where the beautiful Plaza España is. Next, we have the Alcázar of Seville, an old royal palace of mudéjar style that was built by Moorish Kings in the times of Al-Andalus, when the south of Spain had been conquered by the Islamic Empire. This beautiful palace, a World Heritage Site, was used to film the sequences of Dorne of the famous TV series Game of Thrones. The General Archives of the Indies, which hosts the documents of the Spanish Empire, is also located there.
    But let’s move on, because we still have so much more to visit! Right next to the Alcázar you will find the beautiful Seville Cathedral, the largest cathedral of Gothic style in the world. To the left, you will find the bullring Plaza de Toros la Real Maestranza de Sevilla.
    There is much more to see in Seville centre, though, and you can discover many more beautiful monuments, buildings, plazas and gardens as you walk through its streets, admiring their unique personality.
  • It would be harder to tell you where not to eat in Seville! The south of Spain is famous for its delicious food, and Seville is definitely no exception. Any tavern and bar will have an offer of tapas and dishes, and you can also profit from the typical Spanish menu deals. For a very reasonable price, from 10 to 13 euros, you will be able to have a complete meal with a first and a second course, dessert, bread and a drink. Of course, there are other higher price ranges for even more quality, but the price-quality ratio is usually astounding.
    But Seville is much more than tapas and fried foods, and there are some wonderful and delicious places where you can try a different cuisine. For instance, La Chalá, Az-Zait, Eslava or Mesón Guadalquivir… Just to name a few!
    If you’re in the mood for something sweet, you will surely be satisfied in the sweet shop La Campana, located in Calle Sierpes.
  • Nighttime is a great moment to experience the lively and friendly atmosphere of Seville centre. Besides, it’s one of the wisest, especially if you’re travelling during the summer, since when the sun goes down the heat will finally give you a break.
    So where can you go have fun during the night? Well, Spain has 1 bar for every 170 inhabitants, so you won’t have any problem to find a nice one! Seville centre is full of terraces, pubs and bars where you can sit down to have a nice, fresh beer… And in most of them they will give you a complimentary tapa with every drink. Skipping dinner was never this delicious!



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