Ca’ d’Oro

Ca’ d’Oro, another gem touched by the waters of Venice

  • The fact that Venice is a picturesque city is undeniable – it is full of narrow streets and charming canals, romantic gondolas sailing through them, and all topped with beautiful façades that reflect on the calm waters, the mirrors broken only by the gondolas sailing up and down. And among all those beautiful façades, Ca’ D’Oro is probably the most beautiful of all. This palace’s name means ‘golden house’, because it used to be covered with golden decorations. It was built in the 15th century by the Contarini family, and was acquired by Giorgio Franchetti at the end of the 19th, after having had several owners following the fall of the Republic of Venice. Nowadays, this wonderful palace of Venetian Gothic style hosts the art museum Galleria Giorgio Franchetti alla Ca’ d’Oro.
  • Venice is a very touristic city, and you will clearly see that during your stay in the apartments near Ca’ d’Oro. However, since this palace is located towards the north of the city centre, not so close to the other main attractions, you will be able to enjoy more of a local atmosphere and to mingle with some of the 300.000 inhabitants of the city. If you’re lucky, you will be able to meet some of the neighbours of Ca’ d’Oro and learn about the differences between the Venetians and the ‘inhabitants of the inlands’. The locals and the tourists mix in the vaporettos that work as water buses into one single lively and unique city.
  • The narrow streets of Venice are full of unique shops, but the surroundings of Ca d’Oro aren’t a big shopping area. In the street Strada Nova you will find some interesting shops, such as the organic soap shop Lush or the accessories shop Pylones. Of course, among the little streets (also the ones crossing the Grand Canal), you will find plenty of handicraft and designer’s shops where you will be able to buy gifts and souvenirs for your loved ones. Crossing the Grand Canal you will also find the Rialto Market, a typical Venetian food market that sure deserves a visit, as it concentrates the essence and the life of Venice, the modern one and the old. Besides, you will be able to try yummy foods and to buy fresh produce to later cook your own meal in the apartments near Ca’ d’Oro.
  • Venice isn’t like other European cities: You might be very used to travelling by metro or tram from one monument to the other, or even trains or bikes. Venice is going to be different: You will be able to walk from one place to the other for sure, since it isn’t a big city – however, you may be thinking that that isn’t different from other not-so-big European cities such as Seville or Florence.
    The difference is the water. Venice is formed by many little islands connected by canals, the most important one being the Grand Canal that travels through the whole city. Sometimes you will need to cross it to arrive to your next destination, and to do so, you will need a vaporetto, some sort of water bus that moves along the Grand Canal. But the vaporettos aren’t the only transportation available! If you just need to cross the canal, you can use a traghetto, and there are also water taxis available. Finally, we can’t forget about the beautiful gondolas – don’t miss out on the opportunity to sail the narrow canals in these romantic and typical boats.
    Right in front of Ca’ d’Oro, you will find a vaporetto stop with the same name from where you will be able to go to other parts of the city of Venice.
  • If you stay in the apartments near Ca’ d’Oro, the first thing you will want to do is visiting Ca d’Oro itself! However, the most interesting part of Ca d’Oro is its façade – the museum inside, the Galleria Giorgio Franchetti alla Ca’ d’Oro, shows the private collection of the Baron Giorgio Franchetti, a series of medals, paintings and other art pieces. There are actually other museums in Venice that offer more important art collections, such as the Galleria dell’Accademia, but the art lovers will enjoy the collection in Ca d’Oro nonetheless. However, if you’re just going to be in Venice for a little while, there are other attractions that may be higher on your list in the area, such as the Rialto Market, the Rialto Bridge or the many churches spread throughout the city.
  • Is there anything more delicious than Italian cuisine? Or should we say Italian cuisines, in plural? Whoever has travelled to more than one Italian region will know that there are many differences in their dishes, and that there is much more than pasta and pizza in Italian cuisine (although they are always a delicious and safe bet!). Venetian cuisine is big in fish and seafood, and around Ca’ d’Oro you will have plenty of options to try yummy dishes. One of those options is Ca’ D’Oro alla Vedova, a typical Venetian osteria where you will be able to enjoy the delicious gastronomy of the area. You will be able to do so in the Osteria ai Osti, as well as in Al Fontego dei Pescatori, which also offers great seafood and fish dishes. If you have a sweet tooth, try the wonderful gelato of Grom or the Gelateria Ca’ D’Oro.
    If your kids are longing for something they are used to, there is also a McDonalds nearby.
  • And if Italian food is wonderful, so is Italian nightlife… And Venice is no exception! During the night, the locals fill the plazas with laughter and drinks, and you can be a part of it as well. There is more atmosphere in other, more central areas of the city, such as the area where St. Mark’s Square is located, but there are some fun options around Ca’ d’Oro as well. Crossing the Grand Canal, you can go have a drink at TerraLupo, a bar with reasonable prices, or you can go try different wines at Al Merca. All’Arco and the Pub Ai Dogi are also good options around the apartments near Ca’ D’Oro.


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