Vienna Centre

Vienna centre, the remains of the Austro-Hungarian Empire

  • If you’ve decided to travel to Vienna, you’ve made a great choice. The capital of Austria is a beautiful city where you will be able to learn a lot about its interesting past and to enjoy the amazing culture it offers. It has impressive art collections in its many museums and also the Vienna State Opera, which you can visit. Vienna centre has a special charm, and you will quickly see it as you walk along its majestic streets.
    Visiting Vienna centre is a great opportunity to learn about the Austro-Hungarian Empire, an important period in the history of the city that undoubtedly shaped it to what it is today.
  • Vienna is divided into 23 administrative districts. One of them, the 1st, called Innere Stadt, corresponds to the old town and historic centre, but there are others who are considered to be part of the centre too, such as Neubau, where the Museumsquartier is located. The city centre, Innere Stad, is the least densely populated of all the districts, so your neighbours if you stay there will mostly be tourists like yourself. If you want to mingle with the locals, the neighbourhood of Neubau may just be the best choice, since it is the one the students’ choice to go out and the one that has the youngest type of commerce and art galleries. Neubau is a mix between the old and the new, whereas the Innere Stadt conserves the imperial and elegant past.
  • Karntnerstrasse is the main shopping street in the city centre. There, you will find the Steffl department store, some famous fashion brands such as Zara, music shops (the Vienna State Opera is very close), and many jewellery and luxury shops. If you go to the Museumsquartier you will be in Neubau, a neighbourhood with many characteristic little shops that offer unique items in fashion, art and design. The collective 7tm organises personalised tours that will bring you to the kind of shops that can be more interesting for you depending or your tastes. And let’s not forget about the gift shops of the many museums in Vienna, since they offer beautiful art-related items that can make great souvenirs for your loved ones.
    When talking about Vienna and shopping we must mention the Naschmarkt, a traditional food market in Vienna where you will find all sort of local and exotic products. On Saturdays, next to it you will find the Flohmarkt flea market, where you will be able to buy vintage clothes, old books and antiques.
  • The main means of transportation in Vienna is the U-Bahn: the network is quite extensive, and you will be able to arrive basically anywhere in the city from the apartments in Vienna centre. In the historic centre, there are two metro stations that will be especially useful for you, Stephansplatz, where you can get lines U1 and U3, and Karlsplatz, where you can get lines U1, U2 and U4.
    There is also an extensive tram network that communicates different parts of the city fairly well. Besides, it is rather nice to travel by tram, because you get to see the city as you do it.
    Finally there is something else that we must not overlook when thinking about travelling around Vienna centre: your feet! The historic centre is quite reachable by foot and it is very beautiful, so you will like walking from one place to the other.
  • Vienna centre is very beautiful and has plenty of things to do. First of all, we recommend to do a walking tour so you can learn lots about the history of the city and its imperial past – it used to be the capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which is related to the history of many of its buildings. One of them is the Hofburg Palace, which was the past seat of the Emperor. You can go on a guided visit to the palace as well, which is well worth it: The inside is as impressive as its façade. You can also visit the many churches and cathedrals, such as the St. Stephen’s Cathedral , one of the main symbols of the city, or Karlskirche, which is also an impressive view. You can go to Mozarthaus Vienna and visit the Vienna State Opera so you can learn about the relation of Vienna centre and classical music.
    You can’t leave Vienna without visiting some of its museums. In Vienna centre you will find the Albertina, which has an impressive collection of prints and drawings, and in Museumsquartier you will find some other very important ones, such as the Leopold Museum, the MUMOK and the Kuntshalle Wien.
    Another fun thing to do in Vienna centre is to go to the Naschmarkt located next to the U-Bahn station of Kettenbrückengasse, a food market, where you can grab a bite and experience the lively atmosphere of Vienna. To get to know the modern Vienna, you can also get lost in the little streets of Neubau.
  • Are you ready to try Austrian cuisine? Vienna is the perfect place to do so, of course – besides being the capital of Austria, it has a wide offer of great restaurants where you will be able to try delicious Austrian dishes, such as the Wiener Schnitzel or the Äpflestrudel. We recommend the Steirereck, the Vinothek W-Einkehr, the Konditorei Heiner or the Loca, among others. Another great option is to go to the Naschmarkt, since there there is a great offer of international and local cuisine. You can choose to go to one of the restaurants there or to buy your food from a stall and eat it as you keep going.
  • There are plenty of bars and pubs where to enjoy the nightlife of Vienna centre. Some of them are the Puff, the Loos American Bar or the 1010 Bar Café Wien. We also recommend going to Neubau, since it’s the area where the students and the youth go out at night.
    Finally, don’t forget that there are many theatres in Vienna centre, so it may be fun to go see a play if you understand German or if there is something in English. Don’t forget to check the agenda at the Vienna State Opera: your trip to Vienna may be the perfect occasion to see if you like opera, because it offers well priced tickets. The nightlife in Vienna centre can be anything you want it to be, so have lots of fun!


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