The Museumsquartier of Vienna, one of the largest cultural areas in the world

  • The Museumsquartier, also known as Vienna’s museum district, is the eighth largest cultural area in the world, with 60.000 squared metres. It concentrates some of the most important museums of the city, albeit not all of them – for instance, the Belvedere Museum is located south of Karlkirche. The Museumsquartier gathers many different museums: the MUMOK, a museum of modern and contemporary art where you will be able to see pieces by Pablo Picasso, Wolf Vostell, Nam June Paik or Andy Warhol, among others; the Leopold Museum, which hosts a collection of Austrian modern art and pieces by Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt, among others; the Kuntshalle Wien, dedicated to contemporary art; or the Architekturzentrum Wien, which organises exhibits and research on architecture. There, you will also find the ZOOM Kindermuseum, which is dedicated to children, and other institutions such as the Q21 and the Tanzquartier. Fun and culture are guaranteed in this area.
  • The Museumsquartier is located in the 7th district of Vienna, called the Neubau. It is one of the most densely populated district, so you will have lots of locals as neighbours during your stay in the capital of Austria. Neubau has a population of more than 30.000 people, who distribute in an area of 1,61 squared kilometres. It is also known as the ‘green’ district, but not because of its green areas, but because it is the district in Vienna where there are more voters for the green party. Of course, some of your neighbours will also be tourists like yourself, since many of them choose to stay close to the museums.
  • The neighbourhood of Neubau constitutes a big change from the imperial old town present in the historic centre. It has become a recent shopping area, but with a different kind of shopping: designer’s shops, designer’s and vintage clothes and small art shops, and many others. In fact, the raise of individual and unique little shops is such that there is a collective that offers personalised tours through them and that bring you to the most interesting to you according to your tasting and needs. The collective is called 7tm, and they claim to target “adventurous and playful customers”. They offer a different shopping experience, and you will get to buy unique gifts for your loved ones and for yourself. Around the Museumsquartier you will get to experience a different way of shopping and will get to know the artsy side of commerce in Vienna.
    Of course, we can’t forget about the gift shops of all the museums located in the Museumsquartier. There you will be able to find plenty of gifts related to art and prints to give to your loved ones as a souvenir.
  • The main transportation networks in Vienna are the metro and the tramway, and visitors usually take the metro, called U-Bahn. Near the Museumsquartier you have three metro stops that may be useful for you. The first one is station Museumsquartier, where you can get line U2. You can also go to Volkstheater, up Museumsplatz, where you can get both lines U2 and U3. If you go a bit south, where the Naschmarkt is, you can get line U4 in station Kettenbrückengasse.
    However, the Museumsquartier is still pretty close to the city centre, the old part of Vienna, and there is plenty to see there. You own feet may be the most convenient means of transportation!
  • Of course, if you’re staying near the Museumsquartier, you will be willing to visit the wonderful museums there. Together, they host one of the largest collections in the world, so it is a must-visit for art lovers and aficionados. There are different ticket tickets for different museum combinations, as well as tickets for the whole family and discounts for other museums. You can check which one is best for you depending on how many people you are with and which museums you want to visit.
    After visiting the museums, we recommend to go walk around the Neubau neighbourhood, which is one of the youngest and more thriving areas of the city of Vienna. You will sure discover a side of the city you weren’t expecting!
    Finally, the city centre is also very close, so you can go towards St. Stephen’s Church, which could be considered as a starting point, and do your own tour or enrol one to get to know the old part of the city.
  • If you read the section dedicated to shopping around the Museumsquartier, in the Viennese neighbourhood of Neubau, you will now know that it’s not an ordinary neighbourhood, but that it mixes the old Vienna with the new – and if you can see that in the shops, you can do so in the restaurants as well. If you want to try something different, new and modern, you will find plenty of places around, so keep your eyes peeled! It can also be a great opportunity to get to know some of the locals, since you can ask them for a restaurant recommendation for a specific type of food depending on your preferences. However, we still have some recommendations close to the Museumquartier for you! If you want to try Viennese and Austrian cuisine, the Café Restaurant Halle and the Kantine are great and satisfying options. You can also try the Die Halle Café Restaurant der Kunsthalle Wien, which has a great terrace where you can chill while enjoying your yummy meal. Glacis Beils and Kulis are also good options for lunch or dinner.
    You can also go to the Naschmarkt, a historical food market that offers fresh local and exotic product and that has many foodstalls and small restaurants where you can enjoy international and Austrian cuisine while breathing the lively atmosphere of Vienna.
  • The apartments near the Museumsquarter are in one of the newest, youngest and most exciting areas of Vienna, the neighbourhood known as Neubau. This means that, same as with food and shopping, you’re going to find plenty of fun places where to go out! Locals and students tend to go out in this area, so the best possible advice is to follow them! One of the best things that you can do in this area is walk the different streets with your eyes open for places that look fun. We do have some recommendations for you, like the pubs Bukowski and Kreisky, located in Siebensterngasse, or the Cocktailbar Meeru, located in that same street. The area is also full of theatres, like the KOSMOS Frauenraum, so that might be a fun option as well if you know German or if there is a performance in English scheduled.


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